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7 tips for taking cats on long trips
Keeping pets at home, including cats, dogs and other animals, is a hobby that can bring pleasure to animal lovers. Cats are one of the types of pets that most animal lovers have.

One of the problems that usually arises when it comes to having a pet is when you are going to take it on long trips with various needs. Here are some ways or tips to take a cat on long trips that are correct.

  1. It is better to use a private vehicle, especially a car.

When traveling long distances with cats, it is better to use private vehicles, especially cars, than to have to use public vehicles. This is because using a private vehicle does not have the risk of a cat being brought in to bother other people.

In addition to the risk of disturbances that can arise, the use of public transport when traveling is much more likely to cause a cat to experience conditions of stress, confusion and fear. Do how to treat a cat to pamper him so that he can obey when he is away.

  1. Carry important documents related to your cat

During the trip, whether by private vehicle or public transport, always pay attention to the documents related to the companion cat at all times. Some documents, such as proof of immunization, cat medical records, health statements, and various other documents.

Prepare existing documents, especially if the long trip passes through several regions, including areas of different countries. Please note that all domestic cats must have been vaccinated to avoid the various effects of an unvaccinated cat.

  1. Make adequate preparation before departure.

Before traveling with a cat as a pet, do the preparation process correctly. Some things for cat owners to consider before making the trip include the following.

  1. Prepare hangover medicine and tranquilizers for domestic cats

Preparing a hangover remedy for a house cat is one of the necessary steps in the tips for taking your cat on long trips. Under long travel conditions, cats may experience stress, anxiety, and restlessness due to boredom with the existing journey. With the presence of sedatives in doses according to medical prescription, the behavior of domestic cats can be calmer.

  1. Plan a stop to rest

During long trips, always plan where to stop and where to rest before you leave. It is used to reduce the feeling of tiredness and lethargy that arise as a result of long trips. Conditions of fatigue experienced during the journey both for the cat as a pet and for the owner of the animal.

  1. Make the cat always in a calm state.

So that long trips with cats can go well, always pay attention and maintain the cat’s state so that it can be calm until the final destination of the trip is reached.

When the cat has begun to show signs of restlessness and does not calm down again, the trip can be temporarily stopped to rest. Do how to make us a tame cat so that you can always be calm on the road.

  1. Don’t take your cat on a trip alone without a friend.

Traveling with a good cat as a pet must be done in conjunction with a private vehicle as described in the description above. In the process of taking your cat on a trip, try not to travel alone without a friend. With a friend on a trip with a pet cat, existing burdens and various problems that arise can be shared to make it feel easier.

Those are some tips that can be given to help you find the best way to take your cat on long trips. When traveling with pets, try to always be patient and calm so that the cat can also be calm while in the car and also pay attention to signs of depression due to the trip to avoid unwanted conditions.

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