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7 Types of Canary DiseasesHaving a pet canary is not too difficult in terms of care. But for pets, canary breeders should know some Types of Canary Diseases

that usually attacks domesticated canaries. The following diseases that usually attack canaries are accompanied by symptoms, causes and how to treat them:

1. Diseases of the Respiratory System

The cause of respiratory disease in canaries is caused by the CRD germ virus and bacteria. This germ virus can attack male and female canaries, even if these canaries get sick it can cause death. (Also read about how to breed canary colonies)

The canary disease that attacks canaries can be caused by direct contact between canaries, such as offspring, where to feed and drink, and could also be due to the condition of canaries being used interchangeably by other canaries. (Also read about how to treat fungus on walnuts)

The symptoms that arise and that you can see are that the pet canary often opens its beak to breathe, the nose of the pet canary secretes mucus / mucus, the body of the pet canary is weak, and the pet canary is not so active as usual. (Also read about how to trim the fat from nuts)

The way to treat canary respiratory disease is to move canaries to a canary cage that is well insulated so that house canaries do not infect other canaries. Please provide feed that contains enough nutrients and provide boiled drinking water, my friend can also give you vitamins to maintain your health. (Also read about how to get rid of lice in nuts)

2. Diarrhea (diarrhea)

Diarrhea (diarrhea) caused by food poisoning, food poisoning canaries can cause diarrhea (diarrhea), it can be seen in the liquid droppings and the smell is not so bad, but this does not reduce the canary’s appetite for food and is not transmitted to the other canaries. (Also read about how to grow local walnuts)

Diarrhea (diarrhea) caused by the digestive tract infected by bacteria. The symptoms that can be seen are liquid canary droppings, bad smell, the canaries become passive and lose their appetite for food. Canary Diseases Canary diarrheal disease (diarrhoea) caused by this bacterium is contagious.

The first to separate the sick canary from the other company canaries. Because this kind of disease is very contagious, please also clean food and accessories in a separate place, then wash with soap.

If your pet canary doesn’t want to eat and seems listless, it’s best to give him something he likes. If domestic canaries like to eat kroto and quail eggs, then you can give them the food.

Also administer medications containing antibiotics in domestic canaries. You can get these medications at feed stores or bird stores under brand names like birdbloon, birdycillin, tetrachlor, and other drugs.

For the dosage, you can consult the packaging section. Next, dry your pet canaries between 7 a.m. and 10 a.m. You can do this until your pet canary is healthy and the stool is back to normal.

3. Lime defecation

Canary disease in the form of lime defecation infects the respiratory tract of birds. Canary defecation diseases are classified as infectious diseases of the canary. This canary disease is caused by a germ virus and a pullorum bacterium.

Symptoms include runny, white bird droppings, disheveled pet canary feathers, pale face, limp body, decreased appetite for food, and passive birding.

The way to treat this canary disease is with proper management, moving the canaries to a special cage, giving the canaries antibiotics, preferably washing and drinking places with antibiotics, providing fresh food and drinking water.

4. Fleas

This canary disease usually attacks female companion canaries that are incubating and in male canaries it rarely sounds.

The cause of the appearance of fleas can be because the cage is dirty, wet and rarely cleaned.

The symptoms that arise due to these fleas are that the birds look restless, they often peck at their feathers, the feathers fall off and the song of the canaries is weakened. If this condition continues, it can reduce the bird’s appetite and lead to death.

How to treat it by moving the pet canary to a special cage, bathing it regularly to make it cleaner, and drying the bird a little more than usual. Also give them flea antibiotics that can be mixed with water when you bathe them.

5. Bulbul

Nightingale canary disease is caused by a germ virus that attacks the soles of birds’ feet. This canary disease is classified as an infectious disease of the canary and can spread to other parts.

This canary disease is caused by the lack of cleaning of the cage, especially the bird cage.

The symptoms caused are swollen canary feet, elongated nails, slightly swollen leg scales.

The way to treat it is to keep the cage clean, the most important thing is the place for the cage, also give red medicine or buy medicine in a special pharmacy for nightingale canaries.

6. worms

This canary disease attacks the digestive tract.

The causes of intestinal worms in birds are tapeworms, hookworms, and liver flukes.

Symptoms include decreased appetite for food, decreased arousal in birds, limp body, runny droppings, and dull colored fur.

How to treat it by keeping the cage, feeder, drinker and tangkringan clean.

7. mucus

Snot canary disease is caused by the germ virus Hemophilus gallinarum that attacks the bird’s face. The result of this canary disease is swelling around the face, such as the nose, eyes and ears.

This canary disease is contagious, transmission can occur through the air, dust, food, drinks and offspring. The main cause of canary disease that attacks domestic canaries is lack of hygiene, which results in the appearance of viruses, germs and bacteria.

Symptoms include swelling of the face, runny nose, sneezing, and reduced appetite.

In order for canaries to recover from canary disease, you can maintain the cleanliness of the cage, feeding, drinking and bird cages.

The best way to avoid all these diseases is, of course, with the utmost care, keeping clean and eating nutritious, friend, so you can anticipate it from the beginning. That is what the author can convey, see you in the next article, thanks.

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