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7 Types of Ear Diseases in Dogs - How to Overcome Them
The health of pets is the most important thing, to the point that they forget about their own health. If you see a pet, such as a dog, that has health problems, of course it will cause your own feelings of anxiety. Especially if the dog has problems with his sense of hearing. The signs are unpredictable, the owner should take his beloved dog to the vet to have his ears checked.

Dogs themselves are often found pets, both in the neighborhood and in urban areas. Although not everyone has a pet, having a dog has its advantages. In addition to being just a pet, dogs can also help their owners. For example, how to guess a thief trying to break into the house. This is a small example, while the other uniqueness of dogs can be trained to be smart and obedient.

All dog lovers know how to give them the best care. Of course, dog lovers do not want to see their beloved animal sick. Well, one that happens often is pain in the ear. Therefore, on this occasion, we will talk about the types of ear diseases in dogs. When your beloved dog’s ears experience something strange, perhaps like an ear cavity causing a bad odor, or a dog suddenly becoming very active scratching his ear with a hard object. (Also read: Side effects of sterilization in dogs)

That is a sign of disease in the dog’s ear. Ear disease itself is one of the most common conditions that often occurs in domestic dogs. There are also 7 types of ear diseases in dogs which include:

  1. Inflammation of the external ear canal

The medical name for this disease is “Otitis Externa”. It has been estimated that almost 20% of the animal population, known to transmit rabies through their saliva, is infected with an inflammatory disease of the external auditory canal.

Signs also include a bad odor from the dog’s ear, thick yellow fluid, the ear beginning to swell, and the dog tilting its head. This type of incident will not make the dog comfortable, so he should be taken to a doctor immediately for proper treatment.

  1. Ear mites (otodectic mange)

There are various mites that live in the ears of your beloved dog. However, the most common is the otodectes cynotis or better known as the otodectic mite. The disease is caused by a tiny eight-legged parasite.

The parasite continues to feed on the wax and oil in the dog’s ear canal. This parasite is often referred to as ear lice (although mites and lice are different types). (Also read: Effects of antibiotics in dogs)

  1. fungal infection

You really should pay attention to the health and hygiene of the dog. Dirty or dirty conditions can invite bacteria, and you need to know if the ear disease that occurs in dogs is also a fungal infection. This is one of several ear diseases that dogs often experience.

If you notice that your pet can’t stop scratching his ears and continues to lick his toes, have him checked out by a doctor. It may be that the dog’s ear is being attacked by fungus, or that it is affected by other diseases.

  1. tub

Not just cats, dogs will certainly experience ringworm occurring in the ears. Although the name uses the word worm, but ear disease in dogs is not caused by worms but by fungi. While the term Ring itself comes from a circular point that forms anywhere.

It often appears on the ears, head, paws, and front legs of dogs. Inflammation, until the appearance of roughness and hair that begins to fall around the infected area. (Also read: Effects of flea injections on dogs)

  1. Hematoma

This disease is an abnormal occurrence of the auricle in which blood accumulates in the skin and ears. This is due to the presence of a broken blood vessel in the ear, so the blood accumulates and cannot flow out.

  1. ears with pus

Purulent ears are also included in a type of ear disease that occurs in dogs. This disease is usually caused by various factors, including the habit of cleaning the dog’s ears with cotton or ear plugs to cause injury, diving activities can also cause the dog’s ear canal to tear. (Also read: How to get rid of scabs in dogs)

  1. Otitis

For the type of ear disease that often occurs in other dogs, namely otitis. Maybe it sounds strange because it is rarely mentioned. The illness that cats and dogs often feel is known as otitis. There are two clarifications related to this disease, namely otitis interna which is commonly called inflammation of the inner ear while otitis externa is inflammation of the inner ear.

Severe otitis can cause head tilt in dogs. This makes the Dog unable to maintain its body balance so a wobbly path arises or perhaps the Dog is also more likely to be silent because it is too lazy to move.

You should pay attention to your dog’s health and keep the dog’s environment or place of residence or kennel clean. With clean conditions, it is difficult for bacteria to take hold and become disease outbreaks. Therefore, some types of ear diseases in dogs that have been transmitted can be useful.

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