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7 Types of Eye Pain in Dogs - How to Overcome ThemJust like cats, dogs are also one of the most common pets. Certainly, you often come across various types of dogs, both in the neighborhood and in urban areas. Many people have dogs because they are cute, but aside from that, dogs are also intelligent animals. Even training is also very easy if the employer is so latent. Dogs that are used to living and knowing the behavior or activities of humans or their daily masters, without being trained, although they are also quite intelligent.

An interesting fact about dogs is that they are kept at home not only as pets, but also for care. As is known, dogs are used to protect the house from thieves. Meanwhile, other types, such as sniffer dogs, are useful in assisting law enforcement operations. In fact, not everyone is a dog lover, so not everyone understands how to maintain their health.

It is different with dog lovers or dog lovers, every second is the most important moment to pay attention to the dog’s condition. For those of you who are dog lovers, you have of course found that your favorite dog was sick. It is not only the condition that has a fever, but it is also important to pay attention to the physical condition. One of them, as conveyed on this page, is the type of eye pain in dogs. (Also read: Side effects of sterilization in dogs)

Problems that often occur with your pet, of course, make the heart cautious. Not just cats, it turns out dogs deserve to be monitored too. Dogs also need a good understanding to be able to determine the eye disease that attacks them.

7 types of eye pain in dogs

  1. cherry eyes

The medical term for this problem is third eyelid prolapse. Unlike other pets, dogs have membranes at each corner of their eyes. It’s under the eyelid. That’s where the lacrimal glands are.

When these glands begin to lose their health, you will notice red tissue in your dog’s eyes. From time to time, these glands can further inflame the eye and even cause an infection. But this cherry eye isn’t too painful for the Hound. (Also read: Effects of antibiotics in dogs)

  1. Dry eyes/keratoconjunctivitis sicca (KCS)

Dry eye is also one of the eye diseases commonly experienced by dogs in which a mixture of tears, which consists of oil, mucus, and some water, is missing. Only oil and mucus are excreted. This dry eye causes a thick yellow discharge to come out of the dog’s eyes. In fact, the eyes turn red and the cornea turns brown.

  1. pigmentary keratitis

This type of disease is a condition in which the normally clear cornea of ​​the eye becomes cloudy, affecting the dog’s vision. Common Causes Dogs’ eyes experience chronic hair irritation, decreased blink reflex, and decreased tear production. (Also read: How to clean tartar in dogs)

  1. heterochromia

If you have noticed a dog that has two eyes that are different from each other, but not necessarily different colors, it means that he has a problem with the health of his eyes.

You need to discuss this with your vet. In some cases, the presence of a different eye color in dogs indicates that glaucoma and cataracts are present.

  1. Progressive retinal atrophy (PRA)

The retina is the part that lines the back of the eye. The retina works to connect light with what is seen. If you don’t have a healthy retina, it will of course cause problems with your dog’s vision.

PRA itself is a type of eye disease in dogs that can be said to be a genetically inherited disease in some purebred dogs and sometimes cats. Some people refer to it as a dog eye impairment disorder that leads to blindness. (Also read: How to get rid of the smell in the hair of dogs)

  1. Corneal ulcer

Corneal ulcers are sores on the cornea of ​​the eye caused by a scratch, puncture, or other trauma. Other causes can be foreign objects entering the eye, chemical burns, infections, and lack of tears.

This is what causes closed eyelids, entropion (when the eyelids fold inward), and facial nerve paralysis in the dog. This disease is often referred to as a common eye injury that dogs experience.

  1. entropion

And the last eye problem that can occur in a beloved dog is crossing the eyes and having an excessive amount of discharge from the affected eye. He is sometimes sensitive to light and is able to touch his eye with his paw.

It happened when the Dog was outside. Other signs of entropion include swelling of the inner part of the eye, loose skin around the eye socket area, and a ruptured cornea. (Also read: How to get rid of scabs in dogs)

Perhaps that is what can be said about 7 types of eye pain in dogs. When one of these diseases approaches your beloved dog, immediately contact an expert doctor so that he can receive the proper treatment immediately. As a good owner/employer, maintaining the health of the Dog is one of the mandatory things that must be implemented. Maintain the health of the dog from the environment to the body on a regular basis.

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