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7 Types of Pests That Often Attack Etawa Goats

The Etawa goat is a type of goat imported from India. It does not sound like the usual goats that many know, because this type of Etawa goat is used a lot for milk. Although the meat of all types of goats is the same, many have understood that Etawa goat milk is very nutritious for health. So don’t be surprised if at this point mentioning the Etawa goat is synonymous with milk. Even in a pharmacy, many Etawa goat milk products have been sold, and the number of requests is quite large.

However, in addition to being sold packaged, the goat’s milk that is produced can also be raw, that is, directly expressed. The profit in this business is quite big, you can try it. But sometimes there are many obstacles that all Etawa goat farmers face. One of them is related to the case of pests that actually damage the quality of livestock. There are several types of pests that usually attack Etawa Goats, of course, a threat to all of you who practice livestock. (Also read: Benefits of goat manure for chili plants)

Types of Pests That Often Attack Etawa Goats

1. Worm

Worms can become parasites if they nest in the bodies of other living things, both humans and animals. This is what is called a plague that destroys the quality of the Etawa goat. The presence of worms in the goat’s body will cause pinworms. Seen by type alone, the worms consist of haemonchus cocortus, trichuris sp, and oestophagostomun that can be found in a food.

These worms will live and grow as parasites in the digestive tract. Worse yet, it will stick to the lining of the intestine and absorb food juices. So this is where the Etawa goat can never get fat if there are worms in its body. (Also Read: How To Choose A Java Goat Parent)

two. Sarcoptes scabei

The type of plague that usually infects your next Etawa Goat is Sarcoptes scabei, have you heard of it? Yes, this pest can be found in cats. If you see or even have a cat with ear problems to the point where the whole body is crusted over, then it is called mange.

It turns out that a similar case can also happen to the Etawa goat if you don’t pay attention. The bacteria or virus called Sarcoptes scabei is what causes the etawa’s body to have thin, crusty skin due to this type of flea. The way it works is not too different from that of the worm, which only seeks the flesh of the host it resides on.

3. Psoroptes Communis Varovis

Always with the same, the type of pest that destroys the Etawa goat or the threat is Psaroptes communis varovis whose way of acting does not differ much from the type of virus Sarcoptes scabei, which tears the host from the goat’s body and slowly gnaws it. and invisible. Over time, only rusty goats were seen. (Also read: How to Live a Successful Humpback Goat)

Four. Parapoxvirus

Parapoxvyrus is a type of pest that attacks Etawa goats. This disease is better known as ORF or Ecthyma Contagiosa. The worst thing about this virus is that it can also be transmitted to humans, so care must be taken in its treatment. Generally, goats are attacked by this pest when they eat grass and powder in concentrate.

While the clinical symptoms that you should be aware of are the appearance of sores around the mouth in the form of a black crust and there is also a lump. If not treated right away, it will eventually spread between the nails as well, which can cause the goat to thin out.

5. anthrax

Another type of pest like anthrax, which is a Bacillus Anthracis virus that can be transmitted by direct contact. It would be very dangerous for several other healthy species of Etawa goats, if you don’t separate them immediately, it may turn into a serious epidemic. The clinical symptoms that occur in Etawa affected by anthrax plagues are the appearance of high fever, many ulcers and digestive disorders. (Also read: How to make fermented goat feed with em4)

6. enterotoxemia

You must be aware of enterotoxemia pests when raising Etawa goats. Because this type of plague is common and threatens the health of goats. This virus occurs because goats eat cereals with Clostridium perfrigens bacteria, which is capable of producing toxins. Well, clinical symptoms if your goat has this disease is the appearance of a high fever accompanied by goat spasms and an increasingly swollen stomach.

7. myiasis

Myiasis is a type of scabs or worms, usually people also know it as Seten. This disease usually attacks the thighs of goats that after giving birth are not hygienically cleaned of traces of blood. In addition, it can also occur in newborn goats because they are not given antiseptic or anti-mosquito in the navel, causing myiasis. However, most of the cases that occur are due to the lack of cleanliness of the cages and discomfort. (Also read: Symptoms of Mastitis in Goats)

What a pity to see that the goats have to suffer from diseases of 7 types of pests that often attack the Etawa Goat, you must take care of it immediately.

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