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How to care for newborn Entok chicks? Although, of course, it is not an easy thing compared to the treatment of adult geese. The care of a child with gout is certainly more intensive and must be more attentive. Even you, as a cultivator, should give it your full attention. That is why this article is presented, which is about how to care for newly hatched ducks from their eggs.

Entok itself is a duck, a Surati duck, and a Manila duck, which is a type of bird or fowl that belongs to the duck family that are raised for meat and eggs. It is important to note that the term ‘entok’ or ‘entok’ comes from the Javanese language and may elsewhere be called by one or more names ‘entok’ or ‘entok’, ‘basur’, ‘manila duck’ or ‘duck’. Manila’. Meanwhile, in English it is called Muscovy Duck or Barbary Duck. And here’s how to care for a successful drop that you can try to apply.

In Indonesia, this bird is completely domesticated, which is raised mainly for the use of its meat for consumption or various culinary delicacies. The origin of the domesticated captive is from Mexico, Central America, and South America, where populations of this bird naturally and wildly live and live in wooded swamps and swamps around lakes and rivers, as well as in the lower reaches of the valley of the Rio Grande in Texas. And you can also know the list of the fiercest animals in the Amazon jungle.

Keeping the ducks is definitely something to look forward to in the presence of your children. Because from there you get the results of your livestock. However, it is not easy to take care of baby chicks. The following may be your point of view when it comes to caring for puppies with gout to keep them healthy.

How to care for newborn guppies

proper nutrition

A source of energy and growth and development lies in food. So it is not a new thing to be glorified that raising ducklings should be fed. This is your basic need and obligation that you no longer have to ask for.

It is that you cannot give any type of feed, although normally you can give several types of feed to the ducks, but the same type of feed is not necessarily allowed for your children. Their physical and intestinal conditions are different from those of adults, so give them the kind of food that is easy to digest and really supports the baby’s health. Providing good feed is one of the most effective and natural ways to harvest wild geese quickly.

proper place

Do not equate parents with their children, both have different models of care and attention. Maybe for the adults, they can walk back and forth and stay in the cage but still in the area. Unfortunately, the care of this gecko should not be neglected.

One thing you have to do is give it a proper place. Make a cage with a size larger than the capacity that you will give it later. But at least in a cage, it is enough to fill it with only 10 birds and slightly expand the cage so that the ducklings can breathe freely. And here are some tips on how to hide behind the house which may be a reference for you.

Turning on

You should provide a light for each baby duck cage, not just as night lighting. But another reason is to provide warmth. The baby duck is still in a sensitive condition, so it needs to warm up so that its body does not get cold, which can lead to its death.

Nutritional Provision

The next way to care for newborn ducklings is to provide them with nutrition. How? While it is impossible for the newborn gecko to swallow, eat and drink on its own. This you have to do, help him swallow the nutrients of a vitamin that will then be given to support his body condition to stay healthy. However, in the modern world of cattle, most of them are injected directly in the form of injections.


He is still a small child and it is a pity that a duckling has to be vaccinated. But this is recommended, which means that nothing should be done to maintain the strength of its resistance so that it is not easily attacked by deadly diseases and viruses. At least try to get him vaccinated and spend a little money to keep the baby healthy well into adulthood.


Don’t forget to sun-dry your baby every morning to get a pure, natural supply of vitamin D from the sun. However, this must be done in the recommended time. That the best time is in the morning from eight to nine, choose an approximate duration of 20 minutes. If it is too long, it will make the child weak and dehydrated.

Often close to parents

Because the chicks still need their mother, don’t let the mother sit outside without children. Limit her solitude outside the cage, and for a time put the mother in the cage to keep the chicks company. Do this until the chicks really grow up and can live independently without their mother/

That’s what was said about how to care for newly hatched Entok chicks. And don’t forget to also follow how to get rid of odor in duck cage which can be applied to duck cage as well. Good luck and good luck in farming.

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