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7 ways to clean tartar in dogs
In the process of taking care of dogs, various ways must be carried out properly so that the dog’s state is always in good health and has a clean body that is always maintained.

Maintaining this cleanliness can prevent various types of health problems which of course can have a very detrimental impact on the dog and the dog owner.

In this article, will explain a process to keep dogs clean, especially in terms of dental health.

Here are some ways to properly and correctly clean tartar on dogs. (Also read: how to deal with depressed dogs)

  1. Understand the Dangers of Tartar Buildup in Dogs

The first thing every dog ​​owner should pay attention to regarding tartar hygiene status is to understand the dangers of tartar build-up on your favorite dog so that the cleaning process is carried out regularly. The dangers of tartar buildup in dogs include causing teeth to loosen or fall out prematurely, causing certain diseases, and causing a bad odor in the dog’s mouth.

  1. Use a toy to clean teeth

Domestic dogs are often happy and excited when given toys to play with. A simple but effective way to clean dog tartar is to use a teeth cleaning toy. Giving these toys is a preventive measure so that tartar does not accumulate too much. (Also read: how to deal with a stuffy nose in dogs)

  1. Give a dog teeth cleaning treat

In addition to using toys that work to clean your dog’s teeth, various types of snacks that can be purchased at your nearest pet store can also help clean away tartar. The provision of tartar cleaning snacks is only effective in preventing or cleaning tartar that does not accumulate excessively. (Also read: how to deal with stomach acid in dogs)

  1. flaking teeth

The next most effective way to clean tartar, but you need to ask veterinary medical staff for help, is to use a dog tartar cleaning tool called a tooth scaler. The process of using the scraped teeth is different for each dog’s age and sometimes requires anesthesia. Dog Flaking Teeth has been specially designed for the use of typical dog teeth.

  1. brush the dog’s teeth

To avoid and clean existing tartar, it can be done through the process of brushing teeth in dogs. In order for the dog to accept the condition of brushing its teeth, it is better to do it correctly, starting with the introduction of the toothbrush and toothpaste slowly and slowly until the dog feels that brushing its teeth is a routine activity. (Also read: how to deal with dog fever)

  1. Pay attention to the type of food that is given to dogs

In order for the dog’s condition not to experience a more severe coral buildup, you must first pay attention to the type of food the dog eats. Choosing the type of food that is easy to chew and won’t leave marks between the dog’s teeth can be made during the tartar removal process.

  1. Routinely clean your dog’s teeth properly

The cleaning of the dog’s teeth, either through the process of peeling the teeth with the help of medical tools and personnel, and the process of brushing the dog’s teeth should be carried out regularly and constantly. The process of desquamation of the teeth can be carried out at least once a year and the brushing of the teeth can be carried out regularly every day. (Also read: how to care for a dog so that it is fat)

Those are some ways to clean tartar in dogs that are correct and, of course, safe. Cleaning tartar should always be a good concern considering that there are many dangers behind the condition of tartar build-up on dogs’ teeth.

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