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green Iguana

Certainly, you often hear animals called iguanas and think that this animal is classified as wild. Not completely, in fact if they are compared to mammals such as dogs, cats or rabbits they are clearly different. Iguanas are animals belonging to reptiles that can hurt, but not as much as wild animals in the forest. Iguanas are reptiles that can be kept or tamed with time and the patience of the owner.

This animal is already familiar among its lovers because it has a charming and beautiful style. There are also quite a few types, but the most common and popular is the green iguana. In general, the Iguana or Green Iguana is an animal that can be trained to bond with you, so beginners don’t have to worry about how to tame a green iguana.

This reptile is a genus of lizards that live in the tropics of Central America, South America, and the Caribbean islands. These lizards were first described by an Austrian veterinarian named Josephus Nicolaus Laurenti in 1768. And this animal has become one of the exotic animal options that can be kept at home.

Below will be passed on how to tame a green iguana for those of you who are new or beginners.

1. get rid of fear

Keep the fear you have of the iguana when you train it, because the more it bites you, the more you will get used to it later. If you are used to it, when an iguana bites you it feels like being bitten by an ant, which gradually seems immune to its bite. Therefore, for those of you who just want to buy an iguana, you should buy one that is still a baby or puppy, because it is easier to tame and the bite is not too strong or painful.

two. Lots of comfortable interaction

The next way to tame the green iguana is to make lots of comfortable interactions. This method is widely applied to rodents such as sugar gliders, hamsters, or cats. Nothing happens if you try to apply it to the iguana you have. Interact as if the iguana were your friend. Among them is giving him a name, many times caressing him and many times inviting him to play.

Most of the old custodians get used to interacting by inviting them to play. Not like inviting small children to play in general, but let the green iguana walk in the palm of your hand with a minimum of 15 minutes. Due to the relatively easy maintenance, the iguana is a suitable animal to have in the bedroom.

3. Understand the nature and movements of iguanas

Another way to tame a green iguana is to understand its nature and movements. Later you will see the characteristic movements of the iguana every time you train. For example, when it feels threatened, its head will automatically straighten with its eyes looking at you or wagging its tail. Once you understand nature and movement, it will also make the taming process easier.

Four. Consistent and patient iguanas in training

His name is also an animal, he has no reason and mind like humans. So let’s say that it is not easy to train or tame any animal. Everything takes time and process. This is why patience and persistence are needed. Maintaining consistency and patience is a part of how to tame a green iguana. So you really have to instill this in yourself when you have an iguana.

5. Buy Baby Iguana

As already mentioned in the first point, the bite of the iguana chick is not as painful as that of the mother. The advantage of buying iguana chicks is that they are faster to train and tame, unlike the mother who is used to being wild by nature, so it takes a bit longer to tame compared to taming her pups. Also learn how to care for a 1-month-old cat without a mother.

6. Provide a comfortable place

Next, don’t forget to provide a comfortable place for your green iguana. Why? Because by providing a decent and comfortable place, the iguana will feel at home with the treatment you give it, at least the animal will be able to feel the owner’s attention.

7. say hello often

Do not forget to greet him often, at least you should leave time to give him special attention. Every morning, meet your iguana in the cage and feed it. Little by little this animal will get closer and closer to you. This is also one of the techniques on how to treat stray cats into obedience.

Those are the seven ways to tame a green iguana, it’s not as easy as taming a cat. Iguanas are reptiles to watch out for first, because they can bite. But not as bad as a wild animal that can kill. The popularity of iguanas, especially the green species, is currently increasing, many breeders find it for their hobby.

The pattern is really interesting, which is why many love iguanas. But keep this animal out of the reach of children, even if it has been domesticated. If it is for children, you can give some of the following pet recommendations for children. Perhaps from here that can be transmitted, hopefully this article will be useful to all readers.

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