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7 ways to train a field dog to be smart

Dogs are very well kept animals, and variety is very much seen in the type. Although in general the description of this animal, dogs are mammals that have experienced the domestication of wolves. Precisely since 15,000 years ago, which is based on evidence of genetics in the form of fossil discoveries and DNA tests. Meanwhile, other studies reveal that the history of dog domestication has not been that long.

Over time, dogs continue to develop into hundreds of breeds with many variations. Starting from the hair color that varies from white to black, red, gray to brown. Many think that a gray dog’s coat color is like blue. The character of the hair also varies, it can be curly, straight, soft or coarse.

Dogs are classified as intelligent animals, because they are very easy to tame and train. As you all know, where is there a dog that is so submissive to his master. This, of course, is also judged in terms of the owner’s treatment of the dog, and most dogs are intelligent because the owner is very affectionate, sincere and attentive to him. Speaking of dogs, how do you train a pooch to be smart? Surely you know that he refers to the mestizo. (Also read: Dogs that bark at night)

Here are some of the techniques that you can use to train a village dog to be smart quickly and that you can apply to your pet dog or maybe a relative.

How to train a field dog to be smart

1. Food Routine

The first tip for training your dog to be smart is to feed it regularly. This does not seem to be a problem, because it has become spontaneous in dog breeding. As you know, stray dogs are more used to living in the wild and getting food from hunting or not necessarily. Well, if you happen to get the pooch, try to train it to be smart. There is nothing wrong with trying to improve the dog, that is, feeding it regularly. Thus, the dog will consciously memorize who is routine and cares about him. (Also read: Signs of a loyal dog)

two. Pay attention

The mutt tends to be free and wild, so of course there is a lot to talk about care. This is what makes mestizos unintelligent, because they are used to whatever they want. Try to pay attention, because you will be able to touch your heart so that it is easy to get closer to you and slowly subdue it. In addition, your attention will make the dog believe that you are the owner who pays attention to him. As for what you can do is praise, caress it with love.

3. provide training

If the dog has felt a comfort that he has obtained from his master, he will easily obey what you order him as master. So, it is worth trying to train dogs, but you also have to do it little by little, do not rush, much less scold or hit him if he is wrong, because it can frustrate the dog, even the worst can attack. and blame the master of him until he leaves. Not to mention, dogs can feel traumatized if you’re too rough on them. (Also read: Signs that a dog has finished giving birth)

Four. Lead

Even though he is a stray dog ​​and he can sleep anywhere, but if you give him space, like give him a place, then the dog will respect you. The dogs will be submissive and will know you as their master.

5. Go for a walk

If you’ve really become a good dog, take your dog for a walk even if it’s around town or around the compound. This is one of the touches you give your dog to make him more confident that you are the best employer. At least this is also able to cool down the dog so that he is not stiff and unruly. At least you can suppress his emotions because as a street dog you have to adapt to train him to be more calm and docile. (Also read: Signs of trauma in dogs)

6. Supplementary feeding

For the technique of training the Kampung Dog to be intelligent, the following is to routinely feed it spontaneously. But besides that, to make your dog smart, give him extra nutritious food and, if necessary, you can add some other nutritional contribution to make the dog feel more comfortable. In addition, the stray dog ​​is a type that is not picky, that is, they can eat food scraps or bones. Unlike most dog breeds you know.

7. take good care of yourself

As a good employer, you will surely provide care for mestizos. In order not to look cute or dirty, cleaning his body or giving him a bath will help you get closer to him. In addition to being clean, grooming by bathing the dog will make it look more meaningful. (Also read: Tips for dogs that do not bark)

In the maintenance of a dog, it must be the totality, which is really to give it good care and attention so that it is tame and intelligent. This is how to train a pooch to be smart, I hope it helps.

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