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7 ways to treat tapeworms in dogs
Dogs are mammals that have experienced the domestication of wolves for 15,000 years. Not everyone has this animal, but some love it. Dogs are, in fact, one of the easiest pets to train and become intelligent. The problem that dog owners often face is the problem of tapeworms. This time the topic will be how to treat tapeworms in dogs. Then about the tapeworm itself will be explained later. Likewise with the association of tapeworms that attack the dog’s body, you also have to know.

Worms are animals that are very easy to find, especially in moist soil or even in slums. The worms themselves have many types, some of which are dangerous to humans and other animals. Among the many types of worms, not all are parasites. There are earthworms that are capable of fertilizing the soil, which are called nutrients. While the worms that are classified as parasites are of the tape type. Tapeworms are one of the most dangerous types of worms. This type of worm can enter the body and cause illness. In medical parlance, tapeworm infection is commonly called taeniasis.

Tapeworms are classified as difficult to die, so it is very dangerous if they live in the human body or other animal bodies. They perch happily on the infected stomach. I can’t imagine if the tapeworms have entered your dog’s body. Below will be several ways to treat tapeworms in dogs, so how is the relationship between the two? (Also read: How to treat boils in dogs)

The relationship between tapeworms and dogs is not as distant as that of cats. You can often find thin cats due to illness, vomiting tapeworms, or even passing feces. Tapeworms that enter the dog’s body can be through feces, and the most common are fleas. Where when the fleas settle a lot on the dog’s body, slowly the fleas will interfere with the body and produce tapeworms in the stomach.

7 ways to treat tapeworms in dogs

  1. Recognize the symptoms

First, look at the symptoms first and the common ones. In general, the signs of tapeworms in dogs can be difficult to detect. But the most obvious sign is when there are segments of the worm’s body (which look like grains of rice) around the dog’s anus or in its feces. Sometimes the symptoms will manifest in changes in the animal’s behavior.

Dogs that seem to be dragging their buttocks on the carpet more and more, this may be where the dog is beginning to indicate that he has been infected by tapeworms. Such a dog can feel itchy in the anus and scratch in this way. (Also Read: How To Overcome Bloat In Baby Dogs)

  1. Collect animal samples

The second step as a form of treatment, after recognizing the usual signs, is to collect samples. How? Collect samples obtained from animal waste. Before prescribing medications, your veterinarian may check for tapeworms.

The best way to do this is to take a dog stool sample using a plastic bag. Do not touch the tapeworm directly. Use a sample collection tool and insert the stool sample. In some cases, you may also need to remove a segment of the worm from the dog’s butt.

  1. Contact the Veterinarian

The third step is to contact the veterinarian. You will be asked to come in for a dog check-up, then be given a prescription over the phone or instructed to purchase over-the-counter medication from pet supply stores. There are many types of tapeworm medications, and most contain praziquantel.

The most common deworming medications are Droncit, Drontal Plus, and Tradewinds Tapeworm Tabs. You can buy it at a veterinary clinic or some pet stores for a relatively low price. The vet will also know exactly what treatment will eradicate the tapeworm and understand the best solution for your dog’s condition. (Also read: Benefits of B vitamins for dogs)

  1. vaccinate

Have your dog vaccinated when he shows signs of tapeworm infection. Vaccinations are carried out by veterinarians by injecting drugs into the dog’s body. Vaccines absorb the medicine faster than when you have to give medicine to dogs.

  1. vitamin support

Support your dog with vitamins or supplements. The condition of the dog that was not healthy due to this tapeworm, his body continued to weaken and thin. For this reason, it is very important that you provide additional vitamins such as resistance in addition to providing nutritious food. (Also read: Vitamins for puppies)

  1. control ticks

As already stated, tapeworms originate from fleas. For that, control as much as possible the fleas on the dog’s body. The trick is to gently caress the dog’s body and remove the fleas little by little, little by little over time the fleas will disappear.

  1. Please keep this area clean.

The way to treat tapeworms in dogs can also be done by maintaining cleanliness. Put the dog in a comfortable place, and most importantly, you must also be diligent in cleaning. (Also read: How to overcome constipation in dogs)

Those are some ways to treat tapeworms that attack the dog’s body, hopefully it will be useful.

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