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8 basic goat farming techniques for beginners
Breeding is the right solution for you to increase your income. Many people have taken advantage of this opportunity, from breeding insects to large animals.

One of them is the goat, if you want to be a successful and profitable breeder, you need to pay attention to some basic goat farming techniques. So in this case you can manage your cattle very well and correctly, and produce quality goats and if they are resold, it is clearly more expensive.

Goats are the most common animal in livestock by most people. Because in addition to being profitable for farmers, the price is also relatively affordable compared to the price of cattle. You can spend your free time raising goats. By understanding the Basic Techniques of Goats, you will at the same time have more information on how to deal with them.

There are 8 basic techniques in this case that you should pay attention to, including the following:

  1. Manufacture of cages

Before you start raising cattle, the first step you have to do is to prepare the cage. The goat cage that is made also requires enough land, at least you have the ground prepared. Generally, the cage that is manufactured has a comfortable and strategic shaded place with the location of your residence. Usually people put it behind the house, making a bamboo hut. (Also read: Easy Ways for Hump Goats)

  1. selection of goats

To raise goats, of course you have to buy them first. Don’t forget to choose a quality goat. Choose a young and healthy age, not physically disabled or sick. Do your research first before making sure you buy it, so you don’t regret it when the goat is already in its own cage.

Look at the movements of the goat in terms of its agility and appetite. Also, the correct technique to choose a goat is to see its shiny coat and clear eyes. Such are the characteristics of a healthy goat that can be easily identified.

  1. Feed Selection

Goat feeding is one of the techniques in raising livestock. The provision of this feed must also meet their nutritional needs, so that it can support the health and quality of the goats later on. A good food for the needs of goats is one that gains weight quickly.

Generally, the food that goats need is fresh fodder which includes: grass, lamtaro leaves, cassava leaves, turi leaves, papaya leaves, jackfruit leaves and many more, especially those with high protein content. But before giving the leaf feed to the goats, dry the fodder so that it wilts first and is more delicious for the goats to eat. (Also read: Symptoms of worms in goats)

  1. Keep health

Although goats are animals that cannot dispose of waste in its place like cats, you have to be diligent in keeping them clean. Be diligent about bathing the goat at least twice a week. In addition, you should also make sure of the goat’s health by observing its condition, whether the goat’s appetite is regular or declining. It is your responsibility if the goat has decreased eating.

  1. provide nutrition

Like other animals, goats also need additional nutrients to maintain health and immunity to disease. Provide extra vitamins, whether you can buy them at goat feed stalls or by giving them natural herbs.

However, farmers often provide natural herbs more often than you have to buy them. There are many herbs that can be given to the goat, such as temu ireng, temulawak, lempuyang, and various other herbal ingredients.

The way to make goat brew is by mashing ingredients like temulawak, meetreng, lempuyang, turmeric, graze into one. If it has been ground, give it some water and give it to the goat. Another nutrient is two combed bananas cooked with coconut milk and piloncillo and a little salt is added and they are cooked until they turn into a porridge to give them to the goats when they are cold. (Also read: Symptoms of masitis in goats)

  1. Spawning

Because the purpose of breeding is to produce more goats, you must spawn male and female goats. Assign a special place to the two types of goats and combine them by approaching them first. After the goats experience a mating period when they come together, they will soon be pregnant for about 5 to 6 months. So after this stage begins, you must have all the equipment ready for its birth.

  1. Inject

Goats require special injections from vets to boost health immunity. Of course, this is the same for all animals that must also be vaccinated. At least in a month do the vaccination twice. (Also read: Farming sheep and goats)

  1. harvest stage

Goat harvesting can be done when your female goats have given birth, or if the male goats have been of additional age and weight size.

Then do not forget to take good care of the child that has just been born from the goat. Don’t let the parents and the queue provide you with a comfortable place.

For the basic techniques of goat farming, it is expected to help you grow goats at home. Not everyone likes to raise cattle but you should consider this properly because it will provide you with promising benefits.

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