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8 Benefits of a Night Bath in Kacer Birds

Unlike women, men prefer birdsong as pets. Because this bird is really great to be farmed. Especially looking at the development of more and more inflamed bird competition, of course, the selling price of singing birds is more and more expensive. Of the many types of songbirds, one often found as a familiar alias is kacer. This bird has a price that is not very expensive, but when it is a gacor and wins many contests it shoots up.

Meanwhile, kacer bird enthusiasts are in Indonesia. Well, what a good opportunity for you to grow it. Train properly, give special care to create quality kacer-kacer. So the price you can market later is also expensive. But when you raise kacer birds, there will be maintenance steps that you will need to take. The goal is very clear so that the birds feel at home, comfortable and the starch develops well.

One form of treatment is a night bath. There will be many benefits of taking a night bath in the kacer bird that you will find here. (Also Read: How To Train Kacer Fighters)

8 Benefits of a Night Bath in Kacer Birds

  1. To overcome lust

As a bird owner, you bathe your kacer pet at night usually because the bird has overestimated. This condition is a condition where the bird’s lust is too excessive for it to no longer be under control. Both lack of lust and excess lust are not good for the kacer bird itself, so it needs to be stabilized. Symptoms or signs of birds having too much lust can be seen in their aggressive behavior or excessive loud singing.

Excessive lusting usually occurs because the bird has consumed feed with nutritional levels such as protein that are too high and the age is not yet established, expert provision is excessive, or the bird’s body condition is unhealthy. (Also read: How to tame Kacer Grabangan)

  1. use to tame

The next benefit to be gained when the Kacer bird bathes at night is to change the Kacer bird to be more tame, especially if your bird is happy. Birds that are being trained usually still have the nature of tours, so they must be tamed first.

One way is to bathe him at night. Not just feeding birds, birds that have become established can sometimes be turned into tourers so they can also bathe at night to tame them.

  1. Make birds more Gacor

It is true that kacer is a bird that sings, so it is known why many people like birds. Besides being beautiful, songbirds are easy to train and people are liking them more and more. If this is the case, what are you or breeders looking for from the kacer bird? Of course the sound is gacor, the better it is, the more expensive it will be. The benefit of bathing the kacer bird at night is to make the sound louder. (Also read: How to breed Kacer birds in a cage)

  1. Avoid stressed birds

It is important that you pay attention to the types of benefits you get from bathing the Kacer bird at night, that is, to avoid stress. Birds that are stressed will be difficult to control again and will eventually get sick and die. Don’t you want something like this to happen? Bathe your bird at night, just spray it with water like you bathe birds in general.

  1. calm birds

The nature of the water being splashed on the kacer bird at night will have the effect of calming the bird. Like humans who have to freeze their brains, like birds who need to cool off. Therefore, bathe the bird at night so that the situation can be calm. (Also read: How to tame Kacer Semi)

  1. Make the birds look cool

Another benefit is to make the bird cooler, so it looks fresh. Imagine if your pet bird is left alone to actively move around as it pleases, it will certainly make the bird clumsy. This is the reason why birds bathe at night, because it can make the birds look fresh.

  1. Make Kacer’s birds more agile

Diligently bathing the birds at night at least three times a week will make the birds agile. Who doesn’t want the agility of kacer bird juice? Surely you yourself will chase agile birds because it is easy to compete with them to win. (Also read: How to care for Kacer Bakalan)

  1. train the heart

Night baths are beneficial to kacer birds for cardiac therapy. The reason is that when taking a night bath, the birds will slowly feel shocked due to the splashing of the water. If the bird is used to it, then the heart will get used to the shock.

How could this article really help? Of course, it is expected that you will find the various benefits of Night Bathing in the Kacer Bird. Raising birds is not easy, but one thing is certain that you must provide them with the best care, one of them is to bathe them at night with a minimum of three times a week and a maximum of five times. (Also read: How to beat fleas on Kacer birds)

So it has been mentioned what the benefits are, that way you don’t have to worry anymore and you are more excited to bathe the Kacer bird at night. Even so, keep in mind the capacity of the water jet and also the bathing time because if you use too much, it will negatively affect the bird, as well as the bad moment in which the bird is sleeping soundly, instead of being bathed, which can actually be stressful. I hope this article is helpful enough.

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