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8 Benefits of Apples in the Canary Islands
Who does not know apples, a fruit that has a sweet acid taste and is very fresh. Often someone makes apples as a base for making fruit salads. On top of that, apples are also fresh when squeezed and mixed with whole milk. However, enjoying it normally is a good thing, because the water content in apples is very abundant and many nutrients are obtained. In fact, not only humans like apples, the type of bird that sings is the same.

There will be many benefits to be gained when you consume apples regularly. One of them is how it improves skin pigmentation, making it smoother and whiter. Also, apples are very effective in helping the body burn calories, also known as diet menu. In addition to humans, it turns out that the benefits of apples for canaries are not minor either. Yes, canaries are songbirds that love apples. Of the many types of songbirds, one of which is the canary.

This bird has beautiful feathers and a loud song. However, if the nutrients in the obtained feed are very small, it is not impossible that the gacoran will decrease. The canary has the Latin name, Canaria Seria. This bird was first discovered by a sailor named Jean de Berthan Cout, originally from France. Jean discovered walnuts in the Canary Islands in the fifteenth century. Some people may think that canaries have a close relationship with nuts, but that is not true. (Also read: Benefits of Honey in the Canary Islands)

For information, the name canary is taken from the name of an island where the original habitat of the canary is canary. Canaries also have beautiful feathers and a very melodious voice as described above. Currently, the canaries that you find, or even preserve, are the result of crossing native canaries (Serius Canaria) with other types. Before learning more about the benefits of apples for canaries, these are the ingredients of apples:

  • There are many vitamins including A, C, B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B9 to B complex
  • It contains levels of minerals including calcium, magnesium, potassium, iron and zinc.
  • There are phytochemicals as antioxidants.
  • It has a lot of fiber
  • has tannins
  • have a baron
  • has flavoid
  • Contains quercetin
  • D-glucaric acid
  • Tartaric acid

After mentioning what’s in apples, of course it’s safer to give the nuts you have. These are the benefits of apples in canaries that you should know:

  1. as extra nutrition

Apples have a lot of nutritional content as already mentioned. So it can be said that this fruit can be an additional nutrient for nuts. So the walnuts don’t just get the nutrition from the manufacturer directly, because it’s also great to give them a more natural form of apples. (Also read: How to get rid of fat in obese canaries)

  1. Helps the Digestive System

As already stated, apples are rich in fiber. This fiber content will help the canary’s digestion to be easier.

  1. as a throat cleanser

In addition to being good for digestion, the tannin content in apples is also very good for nut throats. Because the real substance of canary tannins is to clear the bird’s throat. So it’s great to avoid the sound of hoarse birds.

  1. Maintain bone density

The minerals contained in the apple are very high, especially the calcium levels that are very good for the bone density of this canary. One of the benefits of the minerals in apples is that the legs of canaries do not break easily. (Also Read: Tips for Choosing Nuts in the Ombyokan Cage)

  1. Avoid bad bacteria

Did you know that the level of an acid called tartar in apples is very helpful in killing harmful bacteria in the digestive tract of nuts? So that bacteria cannot enter and attack the bird.

  1. As an endurance booster

The quercetin content in apples is an antioxidant that is helpful in strengthening the immune system of the nut so that it is immune to any disease. Give regularly for maximum benefits.

  1. sharpen eyes

The vitamin A content in apples is very good for eye health. So by giving him apples, the nut’s vision becomes healthy and sharp. (Also read: How to breed canaries with hanging cages)

  1. Maintain joint health

In addition to being good for eyesight, the vitamin B content in other apples will also help maintain the health of the bird’s joints.

The importance of understanding the content of this article is to facilitate knowledge about the apples that are very useful for the song of birds such as canaries. As your favorite pet, of course, the way it should be treated should also support its preferences. Well, canaries like apples very much because it can refresh their bodies and the other 8 benefits of apples on canaries above. Thus, the article that can be transmitted, can be useful.

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