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8 benefits of bathing turtles at night

Having birds is something quite interesting because someone has more free time. Most bird owners are bird lovers, whether they like it for the song or the beauty of its feathers. There are many types of birds that are usually cared for, from Green Cucak, Rowo Cucak, Parrots, Nuts, Pentet and many more, including turtles. Well, for some people, of course, they are no strangers to turtledoves.

This bird is a type of songbird that is loved by some people. It is not an exception for lovers, of course, maybe you are one of the people who likes birdsong. Turtles are often found on the market, sold at quite affordable prices. Therefore, many choose this bird to be farmed and then sold or kept as a pet.

When keeping birds, you need to understand the proper care steps. One of them is bathing at night, so what are the benefits? Bathing birds in general in the morning and in the afternoon, as is known. But most people who keep birds bathe at night. The benefits of bathing the turtledove at night are numerous, and of course it affects the quality of the turtledove later. (Also Read: Benefits of Turtle Feeding for Lovebirds)

But the often-occurring cases of bird owners bathing their pet doves at night, usually because the bird is experiencing overstimulation. As for overestimating oneself, it is a condition where the lust is too excessive to be out of control anymore. Both the lack of lust and the excess of lust, these two problems are not good for the birds, so they must be stabilized.

As for the symptoms of turtledoves having excessive lust, it can be seen in their quite aggressive behavior or their excessive singing. Excessive lust usually occurs due to the consumption of food with nutritional levels, such as too high protein, age that is not yet established, excessive feeding, or the condition of the bird’s body that is not fit. But aside from that, there are several benefits when you bathe the Turtles on other nights. As you can see below:

8 benefits of bathing turtles at night

1. Overcome lust

One of the benefits of a night bath for turtledoves is to overcome overestimation, where the bird is in a position to want to be spawned. As is known, the symptoms can be seen in the behavior of the turtle dove itself, which often sings. Also, it will often flap its wings. (Also read: Benefits of green beans for turtledoves)

2. Overcome lack of lust

In addition to overcoming lust, a nighttime dove bath is also good for overcoming the bird’s lack of lust. That is, birds that lack lust will be difficult to breed. Of course, this will be a problem, especially for those who raise cattle and then resell them.

3. Taming pigeons

For turtles that are still warm, bathing at night is meant to tame them. Because feeder birds currently being trained are generally still warm, they must first be tamed. A way, of course, like this, that is, bathing him at night. Not just the birds they eat, but even established birds can sometimes turn into tour so they can also be bathed at night to make them more tame. (Also read: Bangkok Turtle Livestock)

4. Make the birds more Gacor

Another no less important benefit is to make the turtledove have more gacor when you bathe at night. This method is widely practiced by some people to get their turtledoves active.

5. Train the heart

Bathing turtle doves at night is the same as making the birds healthier. Because tonight’s shower is like training your heart. So that it is more immune and healthy, of course, it is not easy to be surprised. At night, of course, the temperature is cooler than during the day when the sun is shining. So it is this cold that initially surprises the birds, but it is safe because the water can be used for heart therapy. (Also read: How to give fish oil to turtles)

6. Relieve stress

The endless stress of turtle doves is a question for some keepers. The reason is that birds that are prolonged by stress can die suddenly. That is why there is nothing wrong with bathing at night because the benefits can eliminate or prevent bird stress.

7. Boost immunity

Bathing turtle doves at night can actually help boost their immunity. This way the bird will not be stressed often, nor sick that ends in death. (Also read: How to raise turtles in Bangkok)

8. Make the birds cooler

Of course, bathe the turtle doves at night so that the birds are cooler. The birds will also look fresh and cheerful, very different from turtle doves that don’t bathe at night.

Hence the benefits of Bathing Turtles at Night that you need to know more about so you don’t have to hesitate anymore if you want to bathe your favorite bird at night. I hope this information is useful enough.

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