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8 benefits of garlic in the song of birdsSongbirds are the prima donna of poultry that are liked by many people, apart from being unique because their voices are also interesting to participate in the competition. There are so many types of songbirds that you should know about, ranging from canaries, parrots, starlings, green cuckoo, lovebirds and many more, just a hobby is a lot of fun, especially if you intend to grow it, it must be very profitable. Whatever it is, the most important thing to pay attention to is how to properly and properly care for the birds.

If you are a bird lover, of course you often see garlic as a food mix or for other benefits. You should know that the properties of garlic are very good, unfortunately many people do not like it because of the smell. Like it or not, if this works well for the bird, it’s best to keep giving it. Garlic is highly appreciated by singing birds, and this page will explain the benefits of garlic for singing birds.

8 benefits of garlic in the song of birds

  1. as anti bacteria

Did you know that garlic contains an antibacterial substance called allicin? This substance has antibacterial properties. This means that if the birds eat garlic, they will not be susceptible to bacterial attack. (Also read: Benefits of ginger in the song of birds)

Some bacteria that can be repulsed with acilin include Salmonella, Escherichia, Streptococcus, Klebsiella, Bacillus, and other bacteria. So if one day your bird is affected by digestive disorders caused by bacteria, then you can give your pet garlic.

  1. as anti fungal

Apart from being antibacterial, other benefits of garlic that the songbird will get is that it is not easily attacked by fungi. As with the first point, this antifungal can be done by garlic because it contains certain substances. Garlic contains antifungal properties. Garlic is also capable of inhibiting the formation of mycotoxins that are produced in birds.

What are mycotoxins? Mycotoxins are toxins or toxins obtained from the results of a secondary metabolic process of fungi that can trigger abnormal or pathological physiological changes in humans and animals, including birds. Thus, garlic can be used to prevent some fungal diseases. (Also read: How to care for birds to be diligent in singing)

  1. as an antiparasite

Parasites are types of microscopic animals that can reduce the productivity of the animals they live on. Well, in garlic there is an allicin substance as stated above. With the allicin substance contained in garlic, various types of parasites will not be able to attack your pet songbird. It also works as an antibody to deal with parasites that enter the bird’s body.

  1. as antivirus

Garlic still has many other benefits, one of which is that it contains anti-virus. As already explained, in garlic there are antibody substances to fight various types of diseases. Garlic also turns out to be able to boost the immunity of birds that consume it. Thus, the birds are safe and protected from attacks by dangerous viruses that can be deadly. (Also read: How to take care of the red anise bird so that it rings fast)

  1. As prevention and treatment of avian influenza

In the rainy season like today, the air temperature becomes erratic, sometimes it goes up, sometimes it goes down. Of course, this is also not good for the health of the birds and can cause the birds to suffer from various types of diseases. Therefore, give your songbirds garlic so that they are not exposed to diseases like flu and other health problems.

  1. as a body warmer

In the rainy season like now, it is not easy to get sunshine. Your pet bird’s immune system also becomes unstable and declines. This is because it is less dry. Therefore, use garlic to help warm the bird’s body. Also, don’t forget to add some ginger, turmeric and also kencur to make the bird’s body even warmer. (Also Read: How To Get Over Stressed Starling Suren)

  1. as a wound cure

Garlic is often used to treat wounds in singing birds. When the bird has been injured because it is pinched by the cage door or caught in the base of the cage, etc., you can give it garlic to treat the injury.

  1. As a tail feather grower

Garlic is typically used as a therapy to help regrow damaged wings or tail feathers in birds. No doubt you know yourself, birds can molt at any time, causing their feathers to fall out. Well, so that the fur can grow quickly, then use this garlic therapy to restore the fur. (Also read: How to take care of molting birds)

Thus, a series of benefits of garlic on the song of the birds of your pet that you can follow. It is true that the pungent smell is not comfortable for birds, but the health effects that will be obtained when giving garlic to singing birds are not small either. I hope this article helps.

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