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8 Benefits of the Golden Conch for Animal Feed

The use of golden snails as animal feed has now become one of the solutions to obtain alternative and quality feed to encourage increased production of the livestock business. The golden snail meat itself can be fed to cattle in a raw (fresh) state or in a processed form. Generally and for the most part, golden snails are used as feed for livestock such as cows, goats, chickens, and ducks. Of course, for this the benefits of the golden snail for animal feed have been taken into account, not by neglect.

The golden snail is a kind of animal that has a cheap protein source. This means that this animal has a lot of protein content that you can give to cattle. Furthermore, golden snails are also rich in calcium which is very good for bone formation for your cattle. Before becoming food, the golden snail is first turned into flour. These animals then need to be processed into golden snail meat meal, shell meal, or even golden snail silage.

You can buy it or make your own the easy way, which is not to feed the golden snails for two days. Then separate the meat from the shell. Then thinly slice the browned snail meat and dry under the hot sun until dry. After that, you can make the oven at 60 degrees Celsius. The purpose of this oven is to reduce the water content of the snail meat. The next step is to grind the meat into flour that can be fed to your cattle. (Also read: How to prepare animal feed from agricultural waste)

Benefits of the Golden Conch for Animal Feed

Accelerate cattle growth

One of the benefits of golden snail feed for cattle is to speed up the growth period of your cattle. This is, as already said, that golden snails are rich in protein content ranging from 10.88% to 14.54%.

Maintain bone repair

The content in the golden snail is not only protein but also calcium, which calcium plays an important role for bones. The benefit to livestock is to improve the bones of animals, so they are not easily broken and become stronger. Farm animals will not get sick easily, especially large livestock types like cows, buffalo, or goats that will not experience joint pain. (Also read: Catfish feeding ban)

Facilitates the digestion process

Did you know that the benefits of making snail meal for livestock are not only to preserve the snail meat for feed so it doesn’t spoil easily, but also to help farm animals digest food quickly? In addition, feeding snails to livestock is also helpful in shortening nutrient absorption.

Factory Power Input Reduction

Another benefit if you provide animal feed in the form of snail meat or that has been floured is budget savings. This is because by feeding golden snail silage, the feed input for the manufacturer is definitely reduced. (Also Read: Alternative Food Types for Snakehead Fish)

cattle egg farming

Golden snails given to farm animals on a regular basis can help increase the eggs of farm animals. Especially here is chicken, because the nutritional content in snail meat is very abundant. As for the large animals, that is, the increase in the breed. Because it is able to help each couple desire and fertilize.

as a source of energy

Golden snail meal or golden snail feed can be used as a substitute for yellow corn for cattle or the type of feed you usually give them. Of course, it is capable of being a source of energy without having to affect appearance such as live weight, live weight gain from feed intake and feed conversion. In addition, it also does not reduce the percentage of carcass and carcass parts, the weight of internal organs such as ramp, liver, heart and abdominal fat. (Also read: High-protein animal feed ingredients)

As a source of nutrients

Another benefit of feeding gold snails to farm animals is providing nutritional intake. This means that by feeding golden snail silage, the nutritional needs of all your livestock have been adequately met. You have to do this regularly and regularly.

increase appetite

The benefit of golden snail for this eighth animal food is that it can improve appetite. The characteristic aroma of snail meat is undoubtedly very different from that of all kinds of vegetable food or a kind of bran, or corn that is usually given. Golden snail meat has a strong aroma that is very easy for animals to smell. The result is that all the cattle will eat ravenously and their appetite will gradually improve. (Also read: How to make cheap catfish feed)

That actually not all the food that is the result of factory production that can be durable and long-lasting, and easy income is very good if it is given continuously and every day, this is because there are some chemical preservatives or other substances that are not. good enough for animals. Therefore, it is necessary to add another natural food, one of which is the golden snail. You can give these shelled animals directly raw or have gone through processing into flour. But the truth is that if it is transformed into flour, it can be stored for days. That’s all that can be said, hope it’s helpful.

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