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8 common meanings of cats meowing in front of the house

Cats are one of the most popular types of animals, but even so, it’s not uncommon to hate them because they’re fun or you don’t like them for their behavior. Many are still acting tough on this mustachioed animal. In fact, many want cats to live in peace, and perhaps you are one of those cat lovers. All cat lovers know better the behavior or character of cats, even the meaning of a cat’s meow is easy to memorize. However, not everyone knows for sure what is the reason why the cat meows only from hunger and thirst.

Of course, there is a special reason why a cat roars ‘meow’, like humans, that’s how a cat conveys something. On this occasion, we will talk about the meaning of the cat’s meow in front of the house, maybe you have come across something like this?

Yes, in the case of a cat that meows constantly in front of the house, many will wonder, could it be hungry or thirsty? Maybe another problem, you don’t necessarily understand. Here are some signs to watch out for so you can give your cat the right thing:

The meaning of the cat’s meow in front of the house

1. Lonely

The cat that meows constantly is a signal to try to get your attention or that of the owner of the house. They feel lonely so they invite you to play or chat, because they feel they need friends. The cats will keep meowing until you join them to play or leave the house. (Also read: How to cross the colors of cats)

two. trying to communicate

Just like humans, cats were created to be able to communicate with other cats. But if cats and humans definitely can’t connect, all cat lovers certainly understand the meaning of the cat just by meowing, which in fact can’t mean anything. Cats only use one language, which is meowing. So when a cat makes a sound, it could be a way of trying to communicate with humans. I don’t know what you want, try to know it.

3. during the marriage

If you hear the sound of a cat meowing in front of the house, don’t hit it or flush it. Cats are animals that do not have sense like humans, so it will be useless to hurt them. Cats like this are usually in the mating period, maybe you can help them find a suitable mate if you don’t want the sound to keep bothering you. (Also read: How to mate a Persian cat with a domestic cat)

Four. To be hungry

Cats that usually meow in front of the house are usually also because they are hungry. Perhaps you are the only hope that can provide him with a piece of food. If you see something like this, there is nothing wrong with trying to feed the cat.

5. In the Adaptation Period

Perhaps a cat that keeps meowing in front of the house means that he feels that he is still in an adjustment period. So you don’t have to worry too much, just let the cat get used to living in his new environment over time.

6. Sick

Not to mention humans, cats also complain when they are sick. It’s just that a cat can’t do anymore when he feels sick or hurt. For example, when he is physically injured, if it is serious, he will die and, if he is alive, he can feel the pain without humans knowing it, except a cat. Meanwhile, what usually happens is that the cat shakes because of the virus that enters its body. Which means that the cat keeps meowing in front of the house, try to verify that it may be due to illness. (Also read: How to overcome that cats do not eat or sleep all the time)

7. see predators

Cats keep meowing in front of the house for many possible reasons. It may be that the cat is looking at a predator, like a snake, for example. With the exception of snakes, small animals like cockroaches, lizards or butterflies that look like cats will be immediately guessed. But if it meows, it means there may be another large animal that is considered disturbing or quite dangerous.

8. looking for his son

When you can separate the kitten from the mother cat, the mother will definitely meow continuously in front of the house. Yes! The mother searches for the whereabouts of her son who has been separated, because she feels the need. This is a form of sadness for cats who have lost both their children and their mothers. (Also read: Signs that cats are seeking attention)

There are still many meanings of cats meowing in front of the house that perhaps not everyone knows. Among them, like the cat is seeing something invisible (ghost) in front of the house, so he will keep meowing until what he sees disappears. Another thing, the cat meets a fellow cat of the same sex to appear to meet the enemy of him. He will often keep you meowing too.

No matter what happens, when you see a cat meowing in front of the house, do not try to hurt it. Take a more subtle way of getting rid of him if he doesn’t like it. Therefore, the article that can be conveyed about the meaning of a cat that keeps meowing in front of the house, can be useful.

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