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Cats are a very popular type of pet among the general community, due to their friendly and fun nature, many people want to have them. Well, the two types of cat that are usually chosen are the Angora cat and the Persian cat.

However, most people confuse the Angora cat with the Persian cat, despite the fact that they are completely different physically and in 180 degrees. For more details on all the differences between Persian and Angora cats, you can refer to the following review.

1. Origin

The first difference can be known from the country of origin. For the Angora cat, this is one of the oldest cat breeds, it comes from the Ankara (Angora) region of Turkey and is the same as this Angora rabbit breed, which is said to have been known since the 17th century .

As for this Persian cat, it hails from the Persian area that is now Iran. This cat was first introduced in Italy around the 1620s and finally until now it is famous in Indonesia.

2. Face shape

The next difference you can notice is in the shape of the face. Due to the characteristics of the Angora cat, it has a face shape like a local cat, its shape is slightly triangular and it has a slightly pointed nose, with ears that tend to be pointed and long.

For its part, this Persian cat has a face that tends to be rounded, flat nose or not too sharp. If you look from the side, the forehead, nose and chin look flat, then the eyes of this Persian cat are more varied than those of the Angora.

3. Body parts

For the Angora cat, it has a body that is categorized as ideal, and appears to have a slim body and not very prominent muscles. This cat also has a body shape that appears taller and more graceful.

Then for the Persian cat, it looks fatter in body, and its height is not like that of Angora, since it has short but robust legs with rounded feet. If you are not domesticated, here is how to domesticate an adult Persian cat that you can apply.

4. The feather part

The Angora cat has thick fur, but not as thick as a Persian cat. While on the tail, this type of angora has the longest and thickest fur, so don’t be surprised if it is also called a weasel tail due to its appearance.

The fur on the face is not as thick, but thicker than that of the local cats. However, Angora and landrace breeds can be mixed, which is how to care for mongrel cats you can pay attention to.

Meanwhile, the Persian cat is known as a kind of cat with thick fur, even on the fur on the face. From the neck to the tail it is also covered by thick fur, especially if your Persian cat is pure blood without any kind of crossbreeding.

5. Personality

The difference between Persian and Angora cats can be seen in their personality, which for Angora cats in general has a more active, energetic character, likes to play, but is obedient, so many feel at home taking care of them.

In addition, the angora is also quite intelligent, has a great curiosity, likes to interact with humans, is easy to train, friendly with humans and other animals. He can try the following ways to train a cat to shake hands with his pet.

For this Persian cat, it has a slightly different nature than the Angora, where it is more of a lazy cat, pampered, obedient and also calmer when interacting with humans.

6. Activities

This Angora cat prefers to sit on the ground or around its owner, it is also more alert and likes to seek higher places to climb. He also likes to run, and the way this cat walks also seems more flexible, so he gets quite excited when he sees him walking.

Meanwhile, Persian cats are a bit lazy, this can be seen from their activities which are not as energetic as Angora cats. Cats tend to prefer to stay in place or rest, their walk seems slower and pampered.

7. Health problems

For Angora cats they have a good immune system, for ordinary diseases this cat can still survive, this cat is definitely less sick. But you have to be careful with diseases such as Ataxia and Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy.

Although the immune system of the Persian cat is not as good as that of the Angora, it is necessary to consider the health problems of this cat. And even if it is necessary, you also need to take extra care/attention.

Some of the illnesses that often come to him are shortness of breath/noisy breathing, entropion, excessive tearing, polycystic kidney disease, heat sensitivity, ringworm, cherry eye, dental malocclusions, oily seborrhea.

There are several characteristics of a healthy cat that you should be aware of, so that the cat can last and have a long life. Plus, healthy cats can also make you feel more comfortable because they can still be invited to play.

8. Choose Angora or Persian?

If this is the case, of course you have to look at your needs and budget. If you want a cat that is alive and actively playing, then the Angora cat is the choice.

In the meantime, if you want a cat that is cute, cute and adorable in appearance, then the Persian cat is the choice.

Those are more or less the various differences between Persian cats and Angoras that you can pay attention to, so that in the future you can find out more precisely. In addition, he also knows how to keep a good Persian cat.

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