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8 Easy and Effective Ways to Treat Boils in Cats

Having a cat is a dream for lovers, let alone being able to pay attention all day. Unfortunately, everyone’s busy schedule is different, maybe at work or school. As for them, housewives are certainly busy with their daily lives, and it is impossible for out-of-school children who like cats to take good care of them. The problem is that the case most cat owners face is a complaint related to their sick pet.

The pains experienced by this mustachioed animal are many, and range from tapeworm-type intestinal worms, scabies, fungus or scabies, that is, scabs on the skin to boils. All of them are found almost often or even every day. Well, for yourself, it would be very sad if your pet was sick, like boils that are common. How to treat boils in cats is the right question and it will be answered in the following 8 points.

8 ways to treat boils in cats

1. Take to the vet

In fact, you may be able to treat a small abscess at home, but most cases that are basically boils or abscesses need to be treated by a veterinarian. Because by taking it to the doctor, you can find out the results of the examination carried out by the doctor as a whole. (Also read: How to overcome the voice of the lost cat)

The symptoms cats experience is a high fever as one of the body’s ways of fighting infection. So take your cat to the vet and address any concerns she has. Some of the data you will get if you take your cat to the vet are:

  • If the boil breaks open and oozes fluid, it can be treated without anesthesia.
  • If the abscess is closed, your cat may need to be anesthetized because the abscess needs to be cut or surgically removed.

two. drug administration

Give your cat a medicine to relieve the fever due to the boils that have attacked. Because as stated, a cat that has ulcers will experience a fever as a way of fighting infections in his body.

3. give ointment

The ointment is a special topical medicine to treat external wounds, you can give it to your cat that has the abscess. You can get this topical medication at a pet store, because there are already several complete cat medications you can buy at affordable prices. (Also read: Danger of viruses for cats)

Four. Antibiotic use

Antibiotics have the benefit of suppressing or stopping the growth of harmful bacteria or microorganisms in the cat’s body. While the benefits of antibiotics are most often used to prevent wound infections.

Therefore, you can give your cat the antibiotic to stop the growth of bacteria in the boil. But give the cat the vet-recommended antibiotics until they run out. Call your veterinarian if you are having trouble giving your cat medication.

5. Remove the fluid from the abscess

You should know that sometimes the abscess fluid needs to be removed. Not surprisingly, your vet may be able to place a tube to help drain fluid from your cat’s wound. If the fluid is not removed, the pus will continue to accumulate and worsen the cat’s condition. Follow your doctor’s advice about tube therapy and possible complications. (Also read: How to clean cats ears)

6. clean cat wounds

Don’t forget to keep your cat clean, as this is one of the most effective ways to treat boils in cats. Routinely clean boils every day using revanol and cotton. Do this method twice a day.

7. Bathing with Special Shampoo

Use a shampoo that contains sulfur or sebasol on your cat. This is to give a dead effect to the germs that are lodged in the cat’s boils. Bathe at least once every other day when you have boils. In the meantime, if you have more time, try giving him a bath every morning.

8. give olive oil

Grease your cat’s boils with olive oil. Olive oil has many benefits for the external health of the skin, especially the wounds that cats suffer. Diligently spread olive oil after each shower. But you also have to be patient to stain the cat, otherwise the cat will feel pain and even try to run away. (Also read: Types of food that harm cats)

Those are 8 ways to treat boils in cats that you should know and learn. However, do not administer the medicine at the same time, do it periodically and choose a medicine that seems suitable to you. Ulcers in cats that are not treated immediately will get worse, so you must know how to arrange a special schedule to be able to take care of the sweet. On the other hand, the habit of cats who like to scratch their wounds can cause serious injuries because the cat’s nails bleed which is quite sharp.

Those are tips you can try if you have the same problem with cats as this discussion. Do not let the bacteria continue to harm your cat, good luck and good luck.

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