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8 Kinds of Branjangan Bird Food

There are many types of bird food that you should know about, especially for those who have these birds. However, to most who don’t understand, the branjangan is a unique type of bird with a variety of sounds that many people enjoy, including the whole craze for singing. That is why not a few think that caring for parrots is not easy. Especially for those who have just started, that is, beginners, saved from cattle or raising them.

In caring for a bird, feeding is the most important thing that cannot be overlooked. Good nutrition also influences the performance of the bird, so you have to pay close attention to it. Therefore, you must also be able to provide the best food with the necessary nutritional content to support its growth.

The cleanliness of the food provided will also determine the health condition of the bunjangan in the future. Food that is no longer fresh and is full of mold can cause pain in birds and even death. On the other hand, there are quite a few brands of bulk food sold at bird stores if you’re too lazy to mix it up yourself. Bran fodder brands include Golden Seeds, HW, Voer Setan, Satan’s Seeds, Hien Bao Khanh and of course many more. (Also Read: Types of Good Serindit Bird Food)

However, if you want to make a pure breadfruit food, you can see it from the following points:

Types of Branjangan Bird Food


The first type of food for branjangan is Kroto, you must be familiar with it. Kroto is in fact a type of bird food in general. The benefits contained in this kroto not only maintain the nutrition of the branjangan bird, but also play an important role in the formation of a better sound and gacor. So the provision of Kroto for stretching is very mandatory to give in the morning, so a dose of one tablespoon each morning is enough. Kroto can also be given from the puppies so that the bird can make its voice quickly. (Also read: The smallest bird in the world)


Grasshoppers are insects and are classified as the EF type of bird food that you can feed your farm. In the wild, these birds tend to find prey in paddy fields and plantations. However, grasshoppers are highly favored by branjangan because it is from their habitat that grasshoppers are their food. You don’t have to give the grasshoppers EF too often, just enough to meet the body’s protein needs.


This type of animal is really unique, its name is undur-undur, which happens to be a list of branjangan bird foods. Although it is classified as a very small animal, it has many good benefits for the branjangan. If your breadfruit tends to have a poor appetite, looks lethargic, and is too lazy to sing, then crab cakes may be a supplemental nutritional necessity. Undur-undur contains a substance that can make the parrot limber and regulate a more stable level of lust. (Also read: How to treat broken legs in birds)


Whether given as puppies or when the parrots reach adulthood, they can be given seeds. However, if it still cannot be digested, grind it up and mix in some water and give it to him. The seeds given work well for the growth and hardiness of young trees when they are still young trees.

cuttlefish bone

Cuttlefish spines, this food is very nutritious for the defense of the bird’s body. The content it contains includes calcium, which is very useful for the bones of birds. Furthermore, this feed is very suitable to be fed during the burgeoning phases where the birds really need a grower feed that fits both in terms of basic needs and nutritional compliance. It is not only able to strengthen the bones of birds, the food in the form of cuttlefish bones can also make the branjangan more gacor, it often sounds, is agile, and looks enthusiastic. (Also read: How to treat hoarseness in birds)

Young Rice Seeds

Branjangan birds generally have a habitat in rice fields or bushes, so they often eat rice as their main source of food, especially young rice seeds. This young rice seed food has good benefits for the bird because it contains starch that is rich in vitamins and quite large carbohydrates. The characteristic of young rice is that it still has a soft texture if you try to massage it with the medium. Well, with this you can put the stalks containing young rice in the bird cage.

mung bean

The next type of food is green beans. It is a type of grain that contains minerals, proteins, calcium and unsaturated fatty acids. For food in the form of green beans, it is good to serve as the main food to cover your daily needs. The correct dosage can be done by crushing it first or it can be given directly in its entirety. (Also read: Types of quail vaccines)

Grain Combination

In addition to the above two types of seeds, you can even use various types of seeds that are often used as food for singing birds, for example millet seeds mixed with egg yolk, ginger and honey.

That is 8 types of Branjangan bird food that you can try to feed your favorite bird, good luck!

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