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8 Livestock Carp Shapes in Concrete Ponds for Beginners

Gouramy is one of the best-selling fish species on the market. Not because it is nice to decorate your aquarium at home, but to make it into dishes in various dishes that are very delicious to eat.

Especially looking at the culinary developments in Indonesia, when it is becoming more and more rampant and diverse, more and more carp are being hunted for various types of cuisine. Especially a restaurant that always supplies tent in their warehouse to stock their main menu. Because the taste is really delicious and rich in benefits, the price of carp is also not cheap.

Perhaps this could be an opportunity for those of you who want to increase your income. Doing carp farming will help you find a solution to the meager income you may have earned but are still not satisfying. Many have done activities such as raising cattle because they are promising. Well, here is how to live carp in concrete ponds that can be followed carefully and enthusiastically so that the results obtained in the future are also maximized.

8 Livestock Carp Shapes in Concrete Ponds

  1. Swimming pool manufacturing

For the cultivation of carp in a concrete pond, the first thing to do is to prepare the ground. The construction of a concrete carp pool should also pay attention to the ground structure and sufficient area. This requires quite a large capital, but the results of the cattle can be felt later. (Also read: How to take care of parents in the tent)

  1. seed selection

In cultivation, the selection of carp seeds is the most important point that should really be considered. You have to determine the seeds that stand out in the crop. Seed selection will determine the results of your subsequent harvest. This means that by using superior seeds, the results obtained are very satisfactory, although it still depends on your maintenance method.

However, if the seed selection you use has problems or may be unhealthy and flawed, then it is no longer possible for the carp to be susceptible to bacteria, so they are susceptible to disease and eventually die, so at end you get losses.

  1. scattering seeds

After you really get into the choice of seeds, the next technique that can be done is to scatter the seeds. Even if you only plant seeds, you still have to follow the procedure.

Because everyone has their own rules. In a pond, 15 to 20 birds per square meter will be sprayed. Therefore, you can not carelessly spray even more capacity per square meter. (Also read: How to overcome carp pox)

  1. Feeding

Feed is the nutritional intake for carp in the brood. Feeding should be done regularly and on a schedule, so as not to let the carp starve. Because producing quality carp is not only healthy, but weight is also an additional consideration. In addition to special fish food, also known as voer, you can feed healthier natural foods, such as leafy greens, vegetables, and taro leaves.

  1. Parent Maintenance

If the seeds look large or ripe, it’s best to remove some. This objective is so that the state of the pool does not become overcrowded. The bigger it is, of course, the carp requires a new and more flexible habitat. At initial stocking time it is 20 birds per square metre, then when it starts to look big cut back 5 birds and place elsewhere. (Also Read: How To Grow Carp To Grow Fast)

  1. Spawning

The next method of carp in concrete ponds is carp spawning. For carp that are mature enough, take a few males and females for spawning. During the spawning process, it must be placed in a special place, such as providing another container. Spawning is done to produce new eggs that will hatch into carp and grow. This is also one of the main results in carp farming, which is very profitable.

  1. drain pool

Health is very important for farm animals. Like the carp, the cattle must also be treated as well as possible to ensure their subsequent satisfaction.

Don’t forget to keep your fish pond clean by diligently emptying it at least twice a week. In addition to not causing unpleasant odors, drainage is also carried out to prevent the appearance of bacteria that settle. If there are a lot of bacteria, it is no longer new that the death of the carp is due to a disease transmitted by the bacterial virus. (Also read: How to have tents at home)

  1. Harvest

After passing the previous 7 stages, it is the harvest that is expected. Everyone wants quick profitable results. During the process of growing your carp properly and obviously you no longer have to worry about the harvest. Harvesting is not done by pulling all the fish from the pond. This process only takes the age of the oldest carp among other carp and has a fairly large body weight. In essence, the carp that can be harvested is the one that really deserves it.

After reading the method of Gourami cattle in a concrete pond this time, some might say that it is difficult and inconvenient. However, keep in mind that when you have successfully run this cattle business well and smoothly, you will get a lot of results considering that the price of carp is quite high per kilogram. Hopefully this article can help you farm carp. Keep trying and good luck.

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