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8 medicines for sick lovebirds
Lovebird is a type of bird that is already familiar. Its existence is very familiar, owned by many people. Especially bird lovers, having a lovebird is a requirement and a must. This beautiful bird is not that expensive, but not very cheap either. For the middle class, the price remains affordable. But when trained regularly, the lovebird will gacor slowly.

The love of the birds may have become the character and soul of the affection for the lover. So anything will be done when the bird is in poor condition, for example it is sick. No one wants their beloved bird to get sick. In the same way with you, definitely in the grip of restlessness. You can get medicine for sick lovebirds at newsstands that sell bird supplies.

However, if you have other solutions that are more effective and natural, why not use them? It is no longer new that binahong leaves are very nutritious for human or animal health. You may be able to try it, in addition to continuing to provide other support medications. But before that, give it as much care and affection so that the bird feels comfortable. (Also read: Medicine for stressed magpies)

  • Provide a livable place to live and keep it clean.
  • The cage area should be wide enough, at least you can make your lovebirds fly inside.
  • Frequent change of food and drink.
  • Diligent bathing every morning at 07.00 and in the evening at 16.00.
  • Diligently dried in the morning at 8:00 for 15 minutes to get a supply of vitamin D for the body so that the bird’s condition remains healthy and does not get sick easily.

The above should be applied to support bird health and comfort. While the medicine for sick lovebirds you can see below:

  1. Binahong leaf boiled water

You can try giving boiled water with binahong leaves to sick lovebirds. The method is very easy, find 5 binahong leaves that you have cleaned with water. After that, put it in a pot filled with a small capacity glass of water. Boil until boiling and leaves are soft, then cool before feeding to birds.

Why is the water content only a small glass? Because if it is too much it will reduce the usefulness. (Also read: Medicine for paralyzed magpies)

  1. Binahong leaf slices

In addition to being boiled, binahong leaves can also be eaten directly on sick birds. The trick is to thinly slice the binahong leaves and then mix them into the food. This way the birds will eat it together with the feed. The benefits are clearly better than simply giving the boiled water.

  1. Boiled Ginger Water

Ginger is effective in warming the bird’s body and is commonly used for sick birds. You can treat sick lovebirds with a decoction of ginger. The trick is to either peel the ginger first or not peel it but it has been cleaned with water. Make sure there is no more dust adhering. After that, just mash the ginger twice so it doesn’t break too much because this is for the juice to come out when boiling. After boiling, add pure honey and let it cool down first. Ginger is given twice a day while the lovebird is sick. (Also read: How to raise a stone magpie in a hanging cage)

  1. D2k setting

The drug that can be used to treat other sick Lovebirds is the Fit D2k type. This medicine is perfect for treating sick birds, without you having to get confused and the price is affordable. Fit D2K can be administered by mixing it with bird drink, but not too much. For the dosage or dosage, you should consult with experienced people, such as poultry store owners.

  1. warm water with honey

Another way that can be applied to treat sick lovebirds is that it can be given warm water with honey but not too hot. Pure honey can alleviate the condition of a sick lovebird. (Also Read: Thrusting Tail Stone Magpie Treatment)

  1. Maxy-Lyte Medication

In fact, maxy-lyte is an anti-stress drug for birds. However, when your lovebird is sick, there is nothing wrong with trying to give it this. It is feared that sick birds may be stressed and before that happens maxy-lyte medicine can be given.

  1. Binahong Honey and Water Mix

Take advantage of the binahong of boiled water mixed with honey. This herb is effective in curing sick birds. However, the binahong cooking water is not the same as in the first point. In this way, the binahong leaves must first be crushed to obtain the juice. (Also read: How to care for the mature stone magpie)

  1. Vitamin

Give extra vitamins for sick birds. You can buy vitamins at the nearest bird feed store that supplies these vitamins.

Those are 8 remedies for sick Lovebirds. Also, while the lovebird is sick, give it the best care and attention from the environment to the food. That’s all that can be said, I hope it can be a reference for all of you, good luck.

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