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Cats are one of the animals that are commonly talked about, it can be said that they are enough to be excellent for their lovers. To the point that there is a community of cats that was deliberately created by those who really like this animal. On this occasion what will be transmitted is about the characteristics of cats that get dizzy. Yes, indeed cats are not used to having to be involved in long, long journeys. This animal will show signs of its psychic inability to accept the condition. Previously explained on how to deal with cat stress due to travel.

Also, in fact, a lot has been said before about cats. These include ways to properly care for cats related to their fur, such as causes of cat baldness and how to treat cat fur. Because cats are synonymous with beautiful fur, that’s what makes them attractive. But it is quite the opposite if we look at the Sphynx cat, which is completely hairless like an Angora, Persian or other type of cat. You can check out how to care for a sphynx cat, which was explained above.

So, regarding the characteristics of cats with motion sickness, you may not even know. Therefore, you can listen to it from the following points:

Traits of a travel sick cat

1. dull skin

Since the coat is dull, this is the first important point you should know. Due to the influence of travel, the cat may not be able to accept the condition. One of his reactions was shown in his fur which looked wrinkled and wrinkled. You have to understand this condition, because most people would think that this is a normal thing. Even if it is ignored, it will also be fatal for the cat. Also learn about natural ways to whiten cat hair that are easy to do.

two. his body is weak

His body condition began to limp to the characteristics of a queasy cat. Don’t panic too much, just do the right thing and do your best in calm conditions. Put him in a comfortable bed and let him rest. At least give the cat some time to calm down and rest first.

3. pale skin color

A cat’s fur may be covered in fur, but that doesn’t mean you can’t tell the difference. A healthy cat looks fresh in its body condition, and if the cat is dizzy, the hallmarks are that it looks paler than normal.

Four. Vomits

Not only humans experiencing vomiting reactions due to motion sickness, but cats as well. This becomes its characteristic when it cannot go on a long journey, and the cat will vomit on its own without it being on purpose. Sometimes the vomit is in the form of liquid, not always the remains of food that has been swallowed. Aside from stress, there are several other causes of vomiting in cats that the owner needs to recognize.

5. soft stools

In addition to vomiting, cats will also experience diarrhea in the form of liquid. Typically, this discharge occurs on a small but frequent basis, as long as you are in transit. Therefore, if not treated immediately, the cat will experience fatal things and run out of fluids. If he has diarrhoea, stop the trip and give him a drink, either milk or coconut water and he drinks it.

6. little voice

The cat’s voice sounded smaller, not like it always did when it was normal. His voice will only come out when approached by the employer or owner, but not out loud.

7. I do not want to eat

Cats showing signs of motion sickness will stay away from food. This means that they will tend to have difficulty eating or even not want to eat. This is one of the effects of not being able to travel. But still provide it, whether you eat it or not. When this incident happens to your beloved cat, immediately apply the following ways to whet a cat’s appetite or tips to make the cat hungry for food.

8. hard to drink

It means that the cat is difficult to drink is not like in normal conditions. Cats in this state will tend to stay away from food and drink, but will drink slowly.

If you find your cat in this condition, some things to know are:

  • Taking into account the long journey you are making, if you don’t need to bring a cat, leave it at home and leave it with someone you trust. However, if the long trip involves cats, then take them with a note to put them in a comfortable position and try to stop often.
  • Bring preparations for cats related to their needs, ranging from blankets, cages, food, milk to additional vitamins. It will be even better if you bring your own vehicle such as a car. Because it would be impossible if you could stop intermittently on public transport, or even pretend to feed and drink the cat.

So, those are the eight points you should know about the characteristics of seasick cats. It is best not to ignore conditions like this because of what has already happened, to do the best treatment and the appropriate treatment. Because if you ignore it, it will be bad for your beloved cat. That is what has been said, I hope it is useful.

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