If you like aquarium and you don’t know what fish to start with in your home today in our Terraviva Blog we recommend 8 types of easy care fish to get you started as a beginner. Just remember to take into account the community life of these fish between those of the same species and those of a different one.

These fish are easy to breed as they reproduce around 30 days. They are ideal for living with natural plants. They can be found in different shades and fin shapes, the males are more colorful than the females. Suitable for living in aquariums from 19 liters.

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  • Platy fish and swordtails

They are fish that can live together due to their similar character. Males are usually more showy than females, just like with guppies. Platy fish breed easily and are also very compatible with live, natural plants. They can be found in different colors and tail shapes (swordtails grow a bit longer). Suitable for living in aquariums from 76 liters.

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They breathe air and the males are well known for their super striking appearance. Suitable for living in aquariums from 2 or 3 liters (the more liters always better). If the aquarium is very small, the water should be changed regularly.

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Danios are fish with varying sizes (up to 12.7 cm long). They are very fast moving and also very active and strong. The dimension of the aquarium depends on the danio, since their sizes vary in particular.

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  • Neon tetras or cardinal fish

They love to go in groups (from 6), with a peaceful and colorful character. Suitable for living in aquariums from 19 liters.

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There are many species of corydoras. These fish, which are usually at the bottom of the aquarium, are ideal for beginners, in addition to being very peaceful. They prefer to be in groups of at least 3 fish. The bottom of the aquarium must be fine and smooth so that it does not damage its whiskers.

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They are extremely resistant, attractive and with different species. They go in groups and are suitable for aquariums from 19 liters for a group of 6 to 10.

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They are well known in the aquarium hobby as they are capable of trying to eat smaller fish, so it is necessary not to mix them. Suitable for living in aquariums of at least 114 liters and 40 cm high.

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8 species of fish for beginners

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