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8 successful ways to put ducks for beginners
Farming consumptive animals requires various forms and strategies to obtain optimal results, as is the case with the process of laying ducks.

Laying ducks or what may be more familiarly referred to as laying ducks is a type of poultry whose eggs are in high demand by consumers so that they have a good market share for breeding.

Here are some successful ways to lay ducks, especially for those who are beginners and want to get results raising laying ducks.

  1. Determine the exact location of the farm.

Of course, the breeding of laying ducks and other waterfowl such as ducks must be located correctly because, in addition to having a direct effect on livestock, it is also necessary to think about the disturbance conditions that can be generated for the surrounding environment.

Poultry such as ducks should be laid in a quiet place away from noise and still pay attention to transportation facilities so that the distribution of harvested products is easy. Being close to a water source can also be an added value, but be careful that livestock do not contaminate the water source. Determining the correct location should also be determined in the method of farming laying hens.

  1. Pay attention to the cleanliness of the cage.

Although farm animals can still live in environmental conditions that don’t have to be clean, keeping livestock pens clean can help provide a calm stimulus for ducks to lay eggs so they can produce more eggs in peace. In addition, the clean conditions of the livestock can certainly prevent the infection of diseases so that the laying ducks will not get sick easily, which will certainly be detrimental to the farmers. Cage cleanliness is also a priority that continues to be pursued in the way of growing organic laying hens.

  1. Choose the right seeds or breeders

Another way to succeed in laying ducks that breeders, especially beginners, should consider is to pay attention to the right seeds or breeders to produce eggs. Good seeds and breeders certainly come at a high price, but beginners are better off learning the characteristics of good seeds and can ask for help from those who are already experienced in selecting ducks for laying.

  1. Take the experience of the experts

Breeding of laying ducks has certainly been done by various people in various areas, of course, and many of these breeders have managed to earn high incomes.

For beginners, don’t be shy or lazy to seek the expertise of experts related to how to get the most out of laying ducks and some to avoid unwanted negative conditions in the breeding process. How to keep quail at home, which currently needs to be considered again and at least temporarily stopped.

  1. Pay attention to the temperature and humidity of the cage.

Breeding laying ducks will certainly produce duck eggs as a result of their harvest. In order to be able to produce good quality eggs in large quantities, the conditions that must be taken into account are the temperature and humidity of the cage, especially for small laying ducks. Of course, paying attention to a good temperature is also included in the way of raising Peking ducks.

  1. Complementary foods and vitamins.

In addition to the main food, just like humans, in order to obtain above average good condition, laying ducks must also obtain complementary food in addition to the main food that is routinely given to them. In addition to supporting feed, various types of vitamins can also be given to support the health of livestock, such as in the process of raising ducks.

  1. Special treatment in the cage.

Another successful way of putting ducks that can also be done by farmers for good results is to give the cage a special treatment. The floor can be limed before laying the base in the cage to reduce the odor of duck droppings and prevent disease. The soil can also be sprayed with formalin in an effort to prevent disease.

  1. Bath or large pool

Laying ducks are waterfowl, of course, in the wild there is also a time in their life to be in the water. The provision of a large tub or pool in addition to being used for drinking can also function as a swimming pool. Bath water used for drinking should also be changed every 3-5 days.

Those are some successful ways to put ducks that can be done, especially for beginners, so that the harvest can be maximized. Perseverance and an attitude of wanting to keep learning and not being shy about asking those with experience are important points novice breeders must have in order to get bountiful harvests.

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