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8 tips before having a parrot

Various types of birds that you know, perhaps parrots are one of them that are familiar to you. Parrots are known not only for their beautiful feathers that tend to be colorful, but their intelligence to mimic human voices deserves approval. In fact, most parrot owners acknowledge the bird’s ability to be agile and talk about anything.

If you don’t have a parrot and are interested in keeping one, you can find some tips before raising a parrot that will be passed on here. Because everyone definitely needs preparation before starting anything, especially in terms of raising livestock. Bird breeding is something interesting and highly demanded. It is to remember that all the chirping mania is on the rise.

Parrots that are managed so that they remain beautiful and of good quality can bring you great benefits, for example, many are interested in buying at high prices. When it comes to huggable birds, of course, many people respond to parrots. It can even be said that parrots are different from other types of birds. (Also read: Tips for feeding parrots)

If you look at the life span of parrots in their natural habitat, you can see that their distribution is in moist forests and in mountainous areas that are well above sea level. Well, really interesting isn’t it to keep this parrot? If you are interested, consider the following tips before caring for parrots.

Tips before having parrots

Intent Preparation

One of the things you need to prepare before raising a parrot is the intention. Why is that? Because deep down it is not as easy as you think so far, keeping only enough to give him food and drink. Many things to consider as a treatment and that most likely not everyone knows.

Especially if you are a beginner, the following maintenance tips are very important for you to see. The first thing to do is to strengthen the intention to seriously breed parrots as you wish. (Also read: How to train an aggressive parrot)

learn to care

The next thing is to learn the correct treatment procedures. That way you will master and understand how to provide proper care before breeding a parrot. The treatment in question is like bathing birds, whereby they are not only given food and drink but also bathed. In fact, there are many other treatments such as giving vitamins and adequate supplies to avoid stress in parrots.

Cage or Cage Preparation

The next tip is to prepare a cage or cage. Before having a parrot, of course, you have to have a cage, because it cannot be the other way around. Parrot cages generally don’t need to be expensive, fancy or festive and they’re fine. Just choose the type of cage made from teak wood or really durable so that it can be used for a long time to come. (Also read: How to make a parrot talk fast)

Cost Preparation

Because it is not as free as you might think, the price of a parrot itself is not cheap. Not to mention you have to buy a cage as discussed above. The point is that raising birds requires sufficient capital, and money must be provided for additional feed and other nutrients. How, have you prepared the budget?

Looking for a trusted seller

Where can you get a parrot if not at the seller? Yes, of course you have to find the seller of the bird. Don’t forget to always make sure that the parrot seller is very trustworthy. In this case, this includes offering prices according to the market or even cheaper. Of course, the condition of the given parrot must also be of good quality, not physically disabled or psychologically not stressed. The bird’s appetite should also be normal as a sign that it is well, not sick. (Also read: How to care for parrots)

determine location

Although you will put the parrot in a cage later, but not anywhere you can mount the cage. You need a strategic and comfortable location to be sure of your own peace and the peace of the bird. Find a place behind the house that should have a fence so that people do not steal it easily. The back of the house is mostly cool because it still smells like nature and trees. This will make the bird feel comfortable.

Make sure the location is secure

Intended for advice before raising this seventh parrot, the bird you keep is completely calm and undisturbed by predators. So make sure there are no other animals like snakes, dogs or cats that can guess the bird. (Also read: Tips for choosing the right bird feeder)

prepare supplements

Why not provide feed before you start raising birds? Of course without having to be prepared it is indeed a bird’s need and responsibility that must be done. So what needs to be provided is a backup supplement if the bird doesn’t look or isn’t healthy.

Therefore, advice before having a parrot that can be transported can be useful.

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