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Apart from cows, buffaloes and goats, some people also choose rabbits as one of the animals that are easy to keep and benefit them. Rabbit farming itself is quite promising, especially if the rabbit you have is the best kind on the market.

Well, this time we are going to tell you tips so that the rabbits get pregnant quickly for all of you. Of course, this information is very important, especially for those of you who have just started raising rabbits, because the truth is that they still lack knowledge.

1. How to mate a rabbit

Tips for rabbits to get pregnant quickly, what you can do this time is understand how to mate these cute little animals. Indeed, mating this mammal is very easy and there are also ways to cross rabbits that can be applied, but you have to be careful because there are also many failures due to lack of understanding and supervision.

In rabbit mating, this is certainly different from large animals such as cows and goats, which may use means of injecting hormones to help them ovulate. Therefore, here are some conditions that you must understand so that the rabbits get pregnant quickly.

2. Age factor

The first thing you need to understand is what is the minimum age for this mother rabbit to get pregnant. In addition to other factors, the success of the mother rabbit in giving birth to her offspring may also be determined by the gestational age of the mother rabbit.

If you want maximum results, you need to understand when your rabbit is in heat. Sex hormones in female rabbits will usually show up when they are 5-6 months old, while male rabbits can produce sperm by the age of 5 months.

In a study, if the marriage of rabbits at a young age is at risk of miscarriage, if it is successful, the resulting child will not be so good. So for you rabbit breeders, don’t rush to marry off rabbits before they are old enough.

It’s also important to know that not all rabbits have healthy pregnancies, so learn more about the causes of pseudo-pregnancy in rabbits below so it doesn’t happen to your pets.

3. Time of marriage

The next factor you need to understand is when to mate the rabbit. In the mating process, these rabbits do not need to wait for the season, where they can mate in any season out of their sufficient age.

However, for maximum results it is recommended to mate this rabbit in winter or high humidity. Because during this season it will help the rabbits to give birth to their children 5 times a year, but for those of you who are still beginners, it is enough to raise them 3 times a year.

In this way, the mother rabbit takes approximately every 4 months to recover her condition before mating again. Also recognize some of the characteristics of an aborted doe that may be a reproductive failure.

4. Stage of Marriage

After understanding the age factor and a good time to mate rabbits, the next tip to get female rabbits pregnant quickly is the mating stage. There are 3 things you need to understand namely male selection, cage preparation and male adaptation.

When your rabbit finds it quite difficult to bring out his lust, then there are several ways you can take to increase his sexual arousal. For example, how to provide natural food for rabbits to come into heat quickly as follows.

5. Choose a good male

First time, this is the process of selecting a good male, where it is required to understand the characteristics of males that are ready to mate. Usually, the male who is ready to mate will appear restless, often licking his fur, and often making a sound.

In this mating process, the role of this male rabbit is very important to obtain the best results. The reason is that by giving a good male, it is likely that later she can also produce good sons.

Therefore, choose a male rabbit that is in good condition and not handicapped. Because a male can mate with 8-12 female rabbits in a short period of time.

6. Cage preparation

If the male is ready, then the next step for him to prepare is the cage used for the mating process. You have to prepare a cage of a fairly large size, because normally in the process of mating these rabbits run around the cage, especially if the number of females put in the cage is more than 1.

7. Enter the stud first

Before the mating process, you must first place the male in the cage for the mating process. The objective of this is for the male to adapt to the cage first, doing this adaptation process for approximately 1 hour, after which he enters the female into the cage.

After entering the female, pay attention to whether he wants to mate or not. If you don’t want to, separate them immediately, but if you want, leave them in a cage for 4 days or a maximum of 1 week.

After the mating process is complete, separate the male and female. The next stage, pay attention to the female rabbit mating every day, whether there is a change in her physical form, such as a nipple that looks more prominent or her stomach bulging.

If true, then the marriage process was successful. There are several ways to tell if a rabbit is pregnant that can signal you to take more intensive care to protect the developing fetus.

8. Types of food

In addition to the above process, the tips for rabbits to get pregnant quickly are also related to the necessary food intake. Usually, these rabbits are given 2 types of daily feed, namely natural feed and artificial feed.

For this artificial food, it can be of various types, such as pure or pellets, which you can buy at the nearest pet store. Meanwhile, the natural food consists of grass, leaves and vegetables. So if you want to mate rabbits with a high percentage of success, you need to change the food you give them.

Here are some types of substitute foods that you can give so that later the rabbit’s mating process is successful and produces quality offspring:

It is undeniable, if this kale is a natural food that rabbits like very much, and it is believed that this vegetable is capable of increasing the sexual hormones in these animals. Because water spinach contains a fairly high water content, it is recommended that you feed it when the kale is slightly wilted.

But don’t give your rabbit this vegetable too often, as this can cause his stomach to swell and make him poop more often.

The next food that can increase the rabbit’s lust is long beans. The researchers argue that if long beans are believed to be well suited to be given to animals in an effort to increase their lust.

This food should not be used as a main menu, but you can make it a side dish when your rabbit seems bored with the food it ate earlier.

The next vegetable that you can give your rabbit is cabbage. Of course, this food is very easy to obtain, because farmers usually leave the cabbage leaves after they finish harvesting.

You can feed this cabbage leaf more often than other types of natural foods. You can store it in the refrigerator to keep it fresh, and then feed it to cattle.

Below is a pumpkin that you can give to rabbits before mating. In addition to being easy to find, the price of this fruit is also very affordable. But in food you have to pay attention.

Don’t let him get too much pumpkin, as it can cause the male rabbit to become stressed if he is separated from the female for too long. Therefore, you should pay attention to the rabbit’s diet, especially when it is about to mate.

And lastly, there are pears that you can give to rabbits to increase their lust. In the diet it is not a whole pear, but first you cut it into small pieces so that it is easier for the rabbit to eat it.

Perhaps this fruit is not so recommended, because the price of this pear is quite expensive. But if you want to get good quality rabbit puppies then there is nothing wrong with a little big capital for maximum results.

That’s all for this review on tips for rabbits to get pregnant quickly, hopefully the comments will be useful and can contribute to your perception of who wants to become a rabbit breeder. Also check out other discussions on how to raise successful ornamental rabbits that can be your reference.

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