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8 tips for choosing a goat for a good and true slaughter

As a Muslim, of course, the lesson about sacrifice is not strange. This means that every 10th of Dhul Hijjah, all Muslims who do not perform the pilgrimage will celebrate Eid al-Adha. It is on that day that all Muslims are strongly recommended to slaughter, where they have to slaughter the sacrificial animal and then distribute it to all Muslims in an area sincerely without any burden.

The animals that can be sacrificed are goats or cows. These two types are the most common in Indonesia itself. So that your adoration is not half-hearted, then the first must strengthen the heart so that it is always sincere and teaches the heart to share. Furthermore, this article will also guide you to find some tips on how to choose a good and correct Goat for Slaughter.

Before explaining how and what kind of advice you can follow, here are some reasons why Muslims are sunnah to sacrifice. (Also read: Causes of goats dying in the womb)

As a sign of gratitude

One of the purposes of sacrifice is as a form of gratitude to Allah for what has been bestowed.

Living the Teachings of Prophet Ibrahim

The second is to revive the teachings of Prophet Ibrahim. In history, Prophet Ibrahim and Ismail sincerely fulfilled everything He commanded, even though it was difficult for human reason to accept.

Renounce the worldly nature

The reason why it is sunnah to sacrifice, the third is to free humans from worldly nature.


As a sign of human piety or all Muslims to Allah SWT. Sacrifice is sunnah worship in the realm of almsgiving. Therefore, for those who are capable of making sacrifices, it is better that they fulfill them. (Also read: Causes of infertile female goats)

Sacrifice is sharing with others, especially with the needy or the needy brothers. The pleasure of sacrificing is being able to please others in a simple but beneficial way for this world and the hereafter. Well, more on the selection tips can be seen below:

Tips for Choosing Goats for Slaughter


For the former, the advice in choosing goats for slaughter is the results of the herd, not the results of the wild goats found or their whereabouts are not at all clear.

the age is over

The second advice is that the goat has met the age requirements. Because the provisions of each type of livestock you will slaughter are different. So make sure that the goat you want to slaughter has met the general requirements specified. The age at which the goat can be slaughtered is one year. (Also read: Types of milk for goats)

change of incisors

The third requirement or advice for selecting a goat for slaughter is that the anterior and lower incisors have changed. According to Ajat Sudrajat, the characteristics of the goat’s teeth that can be euthanized are baby teeth that are small and pointed, while the permanent teeth of the replacement are large and flat.

Healthy Condition

The fourth tip for choosing a goat for slaughter is that it is definitely healthy. Look for a healthy goat with fresh physical characteristics, not pale on the skin (outer) side or face. The coat is not matted and the body shape is large, fresh (lots of nutrition).

Without pain

Psychologically or physically, the condition of the goat is good, that is, it cannot get sick, be it mange, kurab or even worms. Look for signs that the goat has a good appetite. (Also read: Success factors for goats)

no flaws

Make sure the goat you are going to slaughter for sacrifice is spotless, starting with the eyes, the head, the legs, the arms, the horns, and everything.

Result of purchase

Convince yourself that the goat that will be sacrificed is the result of your purchase, not a gift or that you ask a relative or friend. Because the true sacrifice is for one’s own happiness both in the world and in the hereafter, so it must be truly sincere.

Enjoy your meal

Before you buy a goat, make sure it has a good appetite, which is normal. Do not let you choose a goat whose appetite is very poor, it could be a sign that the goat is going to get sick. (Also read: How to choose good goat seeds)

Of the eight points that have been transmitted, it will be easier for all of you who want to choose a goat to sacrifice. Also, it becomes an idea for those of you who will perform the sacrifice, what kind of goat is allowed and not allowed to be sacrificed.

Sacrifice is de facto sunnah for all Muslims on the 10th of Dhul Hijjah every year. This is a form for Muslims who celebrate Eid al-Adha and are not making the pilgrimage. But everyone returns to their respective abilities, if it is not time to sacrifice, then there is no compulsion. In addition to a more peaceful heart, you have shared with others using sacrificial meat, as a form of gratitude to Allah SWT. I hope this article has been helpful!

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