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8 Tips for Starling Suren Farming for Beginners
Breeding into certain types of birds must be done carefully and is certainly not easy, including the breeding of starlings.

It should be noted that the southern starling is a type of starling that has become one of the most sought after by bird lovers to date.

For the livestock process to obtain good results, there are several ways that must be considered and carried out correctly.

Here are some tips for raising starlings that can be done so that the results can be optimal, especially for beginners, which are described in the description below.

  1. Prepare Suren Starling’s cage

Before raising Suren Starling, pay attention to the preparation of the cage you have. The Suren Starling bird cage does not actually require a large area, but it can be adjusted to the room that the breeder owns and at least has an area of ‚Äč‚Äčabout 100 cm long, 90 cm wide and 180 cm high. Make several separate cages out of ram wire and make sure there is still sunlight that can get in from the roof.

At the bottom, try to provide a pond or a place for the Suren Starling to bathe. The Suren Starling cattle cage is almost the same as the one used in the Kapas Starling method.

  1. Pay attention to food for Suren Starling spawners

In addition to a good cage, the type of food that Suren Starling breeders are given each day will also determine the success rate of the breeding process carried out.

The main food Suren Starling should be given is voer with additional foods such as Hong Kong caterpillars, crickets, and kepok bananas. Provision of proper and well nourished food is one of the important tips in raising Suren Starlings. You can raise several types of bird food yourself, one of which is the way caterpillars make bird food,

  1. Understand the difference between male and female.

Before entering the stage of selecting the breeders to be used in the livestock process, it is necessary to make both male and female Jalak Suren birds. The male Suren Starling has a longer and larger body shape, the head tends to be round with a long beak, and the crest on the head appears longer.

While the female Starling Suren has a slender head shape with a shorter or smaller body size and a short bill, short head crest and is darker in color.

  1. Choose the best players

The most important step in the Suren Starling breeding process is to select good breeders that are ready to breed. Some things to consider when choosing breeders include the Suren Starling, both male and female, must be between 1-2 years old, the selected breeder must be gentle and non-aggressive, the parent must appear healthy and free of various diseases.

  1. Reconnaissance and maintain pairing

After selecting the breeders, it is the same as raising other birds, the identification process between male and female starlings must be carried out. This introduction and pairing is done by placing male and female birds next to each other and placing food and drinks in the middle or on the bulkhead to provide more interaction time between male and female birds so that closeness is gained over time.

  1. Marriage Process

Suren starlings that are already paired will be seen singing and singing to each other. If the birds are already dancing, the bulkhead can be moved aside. In this pairing, always pay attention that the birds do not attack each other because it may be that birds that have gotten along when the cages are still separated become wild when they are brought together. If the birds are paired, move them in the cage contained in the cage to carry out the natural mating process.

  1. incubation process

When the mating process is going well, the pair of starlings will naturally load the nest in the cage for the hatching and incubation process. A pair of starlings can produce an average of 3 eggs. The incubation process will be carried out by the Turen Starling hatchling for at least 14 days. Turen Starling incubation can be the same as Bali Starling breeding method.

  1. Hatching eggs and chick care.

After 14 days, the eggs will hatch and immediately take all the eggs, both hatched and unhatched. Hatched chicks can be placed in a heater and fed 3 to 4 hours after hatching.

Meanwhile, eggs that have not yet hatched can be assisted in hatching using an incubator. For those who do not have an incubator or heating area, after the eggs hatch, try to always pay attention to the behavior of the brooders, whether they are able to naturally hold the hatched chicks or even act reactive manner, especially for males.

The breeders will carry out the process of caring for the puppies naturally and the breeder is sufficient to provide Kroto as food in sufficient quantities. After the child can be independent, then do how to care for Jalak Suren puppies so that he gacor.

Those are some bad starling tips for you to pay attention to, especially for beginners who want to own their own starlings. Like most of the birds, raising suren starlings is not easy, just like caring for birds to be diligent in singing because it still requires patience and perseverance and being able to continue learning in the right way according to the condition of the starlings they sure have.

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