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The bear is a type of mammal that is already familiar in society. Still, these bears are also included as large-bodied terrestrial predators that need to be watched out for, because not all of them are friendly to humans.

On top of that, there are quite a few of their own types in the world, which you have to acknowledge as well. On this occasion, we will talk about the types of bears in the world for all of you.

1. American black bear

american black bear

As its name indicates, this American Black Bear lives in America, precisely in the North American region up to Alaska. Although it has the name of black bear, the fur color of this bear actually varies, namely black and brown.

There are even those that are white, although they are very rarely found. And for this type of bear, it is an omnivorous animal, but it is dominated by plants, and not infrequently they also feed on fish and insects that they find.

This animal is not listed as an endangered species, but rampant poaching is potentially eroding its population in the wild. And as for America itself, there is a type of beef cattle with stupendous quality and extraordinary weight.

2. Brown bear

Bear Cafe

This type of bear is the most famous species, and the original habitat of the brown bear is the same as that of the black bear, which is found in North America. Although the name is brown bear, the color of the fur of this animal also varies.

Some of them have colors like dark brown, light brown, and some are even blonde. This animal has another name, Grizzly Bear, and belongs to the omnivorous type of animal, just like the following types of domestic lizards.

As food when in captivity, they will be given plants so that they have a tame nature and are friendly to humans, but in the wild, fish and other small mammals will also become prey.

3. Asian black bear

asiatic black bear

This animal is similar to the American Black Bear, but there are some differences that you should be aware of. This Asian black bear has a trademark brown pattern on its chest, which you won’t find on the American black bear.

Due to this pattern, this bear is also nicknamed Moonbear or Moon Bear. However, when it comes to appearance, special ornamental animals such as this type of betta fish that can be kept can be said to be more beautiful because they focus on their appearance.

This Asian black bear has thicker fur, especially on the nape and back, so the size of the ears is also larger than the American breed. The Asian black bear’s diet is more varied, from birds, molluscs, mammals, fruits to honey.

4. Polar bear

Polar bears

Among other types of bears, the Polar Bear is the largest species in the world, with a length of up to 3 meters and a weight of up to 800 KG. With these conditions, the polar bear can be called the largest land predator in the world.

As its name indicates, this Polar Bear has a native habitat in the Polar region, precisely in the North Pole. This animal is a carnivorous animal, and the main prey of this animal is the seal. Here are other characteristics of polar bears that you can learn about.

Unfortunately, due to global warming, the current population of this polar bear continues to decline due to the thinning of the polar ice caps. Likewise with the following types of penguins, some of which have already begun to threaten their population.

5. Andean Bear

Andean Bear

Perhaps for this type of bear it is not yet familiar to your ears, because it is rarely exposed. This Andean bear has its own uniqueness and is only owned by a bear whose habitat is in the Andes Mountains region of South America.

This Andean bear is the last species of short-nosed bear, it has a unique pattern on its face that resembles glasses, and because of this animal it is often called a spectacled bear. Unfortunately, this population of Andean bears is in danger of extinction due to its damaged habitat.

6. Sun Bear

honey bear

If you have this type of bear, you may have encountered it often, because it is the only bear in Indonesia and it has appeared in many TV series. As the name implies, these animals like honey as food.

Additionally, this bear is also known as a sun bear because it has a unique bright yellow pattern on its chest. And this Sun Bear is the smallest species of other species in the world.

His trademark has a long tongue that is used to lick honey or take insects in the nest. Note also that this sun bear is one of the most popular types of rainforest animals.

7. Sloth Bear


The name of this bear is also not very familiar, where the appearance of the Sloth Bear is similar to the Sun Bear, including the pattern on the chest. What sets it apart is that this bear has a characteristic coat that is very long and dense.

The sloth bear is an insectivorous animal, and its main prey is ants and termites. Therefore, this bear has a long tongue and claws that it uses to climb trees.

8. Panda


And the last type of bear is the panda. If this animal no longer looks fierce, but instead has a funny face. In fact, this animal is considered to be different from bears in general, although this animal is still a large family of bears.

Panda is an animal that is 100 percent herbivorous, this animal endemic to China is also in danger of extinction because its habitat continues to shrink. Here are the characteristics of pandas that you can know in full and in detail.

That was a little review of the types of bears, I hope this review is useful and can contribute to your understanding later. In addition, you will also learn about the different types of elephants in the world and their distribution.

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