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Cannibalism is an event in which one living thing eats another living thing of the same kind. The nature of cannibals is also shared by various types of animals. Keep in mind that there are approximately 1,500 species of animals that practice cannibalism.

So what are the types of cannibals in the world? And why do these animals eat each other? Types of cannibals:

1. Sand tiger shark

has a latin name taurus carcharias, this animal already has the nature of cannibalism while still in the womb. When the embryo or baby shark reaches a certain size, the sand tiger shark will eat all of its siblings.

Like other sharks, female sand tiger sharks mate with male sand tiger sharks. This makes the embryo in him think that his brother is a rival that must be eliminated, because he comes from different sperm.

According to a study published in 2013, this cannibalism process was carried out with the aim of obtaining stronger offspring and increasing the size of the shark embryo, so that when it gave birth it would become the strongest bull shark.

2. Prairie Dog

This animal belongs to the category of rodents originating from the prairies in the United States. Despite their cute and adorable demeanor, prairie dogs are cannibals.

Research conducted at the University of Maryland revealed that very few prairie dogs wean their pups. Not only that, when a female prairie dog enters the female relative’s hole, when she comes out of the hole, she will have blood on her face.

And after that, the female will show the loss of nature as a mother. Also, many prairie dog pups are known to be victims of cannibalism by their own mothers.

3. Spider

Spiders fall into the category of cannibalistic animals. The female spiders will eat the male spiders after they mate.

In this case, the male spider-type will not be able to escape. Because the female spider is 90% larger than the male.

The female spiders that eat their partners at the time of mating will later have a larger body size, that is, 20% larger, in addition to which it can make the female spiders survive a long time.

4. Sugarcane Frog

The native cane frogs of the United States have a habit of eating other sugarcane frog eggs that they find in the water. Not without reason, this is done because the cane toad has an affinity for the poison that protects the eggs, namely those known as bufadienolides.

The nutrients contained in bufadienolides have benefits for development and also to reduce future competition.

Not only that, a 2008 study also found that sugarcane frogs deliberately move the middle fingers of their hind legs with the aim of attracting prey, one of which is young frogs.

In that study, researchers dissected juvenile cane toads and found that 64% of 149 sugarcane toad prey were other cane toads.

5. hippopotamus

This carnivorous animal weighs up to 1.5 tons. To survive, the animal with the strongest bite will eat about 40 kilograms of grass every day. However, when food is hard to come by, hippos will eat anything they find, including their kind.

6. Freshwater shrimp

Despite having a small body size, this type of animal has the nature of cannibals. Sometimes shrimp eat their own children. This will be worse when freshwater shrimp are infected by this type of parasite. Pleistophora mulleri.

The size of this parasite is small which is as big as a blood cell found in humans. However, this type of parasite nests in the muscles of its host in large numbers up to millions.

This is the reason why freshwater shrimp need more food to survive. The shrimp will feel hungry easily and devour the chicks in larger numbers.

7. Snake

There are several types of snakes with species namely garter snakes and king snakes which have a high probability of eating each other if they are in the same cage or house.

A 2009 study of the Mexican lancehead rattlesnake showed that 68% of new mother snakes will eat all parts of their offspring. This is done with the goal of restoring the nutrients that the snakes need to reproduce.

8. Praying Mantis

One of the praying mantis facts is that it has cannibalistic properties. This kind of animal can be said to be an animal that has a vile nature.

With a body size much larger than that of the male praying mantis, which is up to three times larger, the female grasshopper will eat her mate’s head alive.

In the middle of the sexual process that takes place between the male and female praying mantis, the female will turn her head back to look at the male. At that time the female praying mantis will cut off her partner’s head and then eat it.

A study explains the reasons behind the vile nature of the female praying mantis. According to the study, if the female eats her partner’s body after sex, she will produce eggs in larger quantities, compared to those who do not eat cannibalism.

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