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8 Types of Fish Pond Glass Cleaners

Everyone has their own goals and hobbies. There are some whose hobbies are just for fun, and some of them are used to earn rupees. He only talks about fish, where with a hobby of keeping it can also be a business. The trick is to breed fish, and as you know there will be several types of fish.

One of the most sold are ornamental fish and all kinds of window cleaners. In fact, many people choose fish to clean glass because of its benefits, namely being able to clean the pool as its name suggests. Therefore, this type of fish is perfect for those who are too lazy to clean the pond or are too busy with other work matters. There are many types of pond glass cleaner that you may know, such as the following points.

The appearance of moss or some kind of algae in the pool is really very difficult to avoid, especially if you have not cleaned the pool very often, then moss is inevitable. Worse still, if the moss is left, the state of the pool will be dirty and it is not impossible that parasites and other invading viruses will start to appear. Here are some types of fish pond glass cleaners you can check out.

Types of glass cleaners for fish ponds

1. Glass cleaner fish CAE

CAE or Chinese Alga Eater is a type of pool glass cleaner that is convenient for your maintenance. The CAE fish is a type of herbivorous fish that feeds on moss in the water. The colors are yellow and white. This fish is also often known as the lemon algae eater, which can grow to a size of 28 cm and can only eat moss or algae when they are small. When these fish begin to mature, they have stopped eating moss or algae. However, this will harm other types of fish because the adult CAE glass cleaner fish will bother other fish. (Also Read: How To Get Rid Of Needle Fleas On Koi Fish)

two. SAE glass cleaner fish

Almost similar in name to the first point, namely the second type is SAE glass cleaner. The SAE type or Siamese Algae Eater is a type of squeegee whose job is as an algae eater popular with fish lovers. Unlike CAE fish, which prefer to annoy other fish when they start to mature, SAE fish tend to be friendlier to other types of fish. In addition to eating moss or algae, SAE can also eat flatworms which can disrupt the ecosystem in the pond.

3. Automatic glass cleaning fish

Oto or Otocinclus Affinis is a type of glass cleaner that comes from the waters of southeastern Brazil. The specifications of this fish have a fairly small body size, which is only about 4 cm, it will still be a matter of energy, of course the force it has is large enough to clean the pond from the attacks of moss and algae. Therefore, this fish is often hunted by fish lovers or aquascapers to clean the aquarium, but it is mostly stocked in artificial ponds to clean the moss or algae. Furthermore, this Oto fish is also a type of fish that can be friendly with other types of fish. But unfortunately the Oto is a type of fish that is difficult to obtain, and if there is one, the price will be quite expensive. (Also read: Types of natural fish food)

Four. Corydoras glass cleaner fish

Another type of glass cleaner is the Corydoras, which are highly demanded by many people. Not only can you eat moss or algae, but Corydoras Fish is also effective at cleaning up leftover food from the bottom of your pond. In addition, this fish is also very suitable as an ornamental fish. That’s because corydoras are fish that have unique shapes and colors.

5. Brushmouth squeegee fish

Brushmouth is a glass cleaner fish that belongs to the Pleco fish species or in Indonesia it is often known as broom sweeper fish. This type of broomfish is not only effective at removing moss or algae, but can also be used as an ornamental fish. Why can it be used as an ornamental fish? This is because Brushmouth Fish has many types and even each type has its own uniqueness. (Also Read: How To Maintain Koi Fish Pond Sanitation)

6. Airport window cleaning fish

Similar to brushmouth, this airport fish is also known as broomfish. The task is the same, that is, clean the pool by eating moss and algae. Bandaraya is a group of freshwater fish originating in tropical America and belonging to the Loricariidae family. However, not all members of the Loricariidae are broomfishes. These fish are known to be the most effective algae or moss eaters. So for those of you who really want to see a clean pond, you can choose this type of fish.

In the international fish trade, the airport squeegee is known in Latin as Hypostomus Plecostomus or as cleaner fish or its abbreviation namely plecos and plecs. These fish can live with any aquarium fish and are sold in small sizes. However, the airport can grow up to 60 cm long and become less active and less friendly. This type of fish is an omnivorous animal (it eats everything) but usually looks for remains of aquatic plants at night.

7. Common Pleco Glass Cleaner Fish

The common pleco is a type of broomfish that is familiar to you. Its body is identical to the elegant black color. This type of fish is found in America as moss or algae eaters. (Also read: How to beat needle fleas on ornamental fish)

8. Zebra Pleco Glass Cleaner Fish

Another type of squeegee fish, Zebra Pleco, is a very beautiful broom fish and eats moss or algae. The pattern is identical by combining black and white to form regular stripes.

That’s 8 types of fish pond glass cleaners you could keep to maintain cleanliness while adding fish variants to the pond. I hope it is useful.

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