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Duck or also known as Duck is a common name for several species of birds in the Anatidae family. The duck itself is a type of waterfowl that is mostly smaller than its relatives, the geese and short-necked geese, and can be found in both freshwater and seawater. Ducks are sometimes compared to various waterfowl that are distantly related but similar in appearance, such as loons, grebes, gallinules, and coots.

Regarding ducks, the above article outlines tips to effectively and efficiently increase duck egg production and several others. Now in the same opportunity to discuss about duck food to make it big fast. Some ducks are also capable of interbreeding, but this is to obtain sterile offspring and they cannot have offspring. For some people are still confused about duck egg laying. You may be able to hear the characteristics of ducks that will lay eggs that have been previously transported.

Many problems or risks that you will face if you keep ducks are not rare, but they are common. This has become part of the risk of raising anything, including ducks. Cases that occur often are ducks experiencing paralysis or other unhealthy conditions. How To Overcome Paralysis In Ducks That Need Care can be your reference when it happens. So, what kind of feed can be given to ducks so that they grow quickly and make high profits in breeding this breed?

There are several types of food that can make ducks grow fast in the following discussion. Since the ducks themselves have varied types of food, including grass, aquatic plants, fish, insects, small amphibians, worms and small mollusks. However, not all types of food can make ducks grow fast. As a duck breeder and owner, you need to pay more attention to feeding to choose the types that can raise ducks quickly.

Duck food to grow fast


First, the type of feed that can make ducks fat quickly is sorghum. This is a kind of raw material whose energy source and content is almost equivalent to corn. However, the potential for sorghum in Indonesia is not good because its production is only found in certain areas.


In addition to sorghum, other types of feed for ducks to grow are polar. For some people who don’t know that polar is a by-product of the process of grinding wheat into flour. Bakery flour comes from discarded bread or bread that is no longer consumed to be made polar as duck feed. However, what you should pay attention to is that you should not use bread that has been contaminated with mold.

Soya flour

Do you know soy flour? Yes, soy cake is a type of duck food for Big Fast, which is a waste of soybean oil processing. Meanwhile, CGM is a protein source food obtained from wet processing of corn.

fish flour

There are many types of food you can give your ducks to help them grow quickly, including fishmeal. Fishmeal contains high levels of the amino acids lysine and methionine, but its use is limited due to the high price and the fishy aroma of duck meat.

tofu stool

Do you know tofu feces? It is a solid residue that comes from soy porridge that is no longer used from the tofu manufacturing process, which is called tofu dregs that can be fed to ducks. If you give it to the duck.

The use of this feed should be given to ducks as soon as possible, do not delay because it contains a lot of protein and it is easy to grow mushrooms. The use of tofu feces itself must first be dried until the water content is less than 13% because what is given to duck feed is usually moist tofu feces.

Debris Tempe

Well, aside from tofu dung, you can also give him duck feed in the form of tempeh dung. Both are grounds made from soybeans, just the processing is different. Tempe sludge is a waste product of the tempe-making process in the form of soybean hulls. This type of food has potential as a food ingredient due to its abundant availability.


Onggok is a waste from cassava processing that is used as cassava flour. The use of onggok in ducks should be limited because the crude fiber content is quite high.

Snail Flour and Mason Shell

Another great quick food for ducks is snail meal. This flour has been widely used as an alternative feed source for protein. Unfortunately, the use of raw snail meal is at most 15%, while if it is boiled first its use can increase to 20%.

Those are the eight types of duck food to get you big fast. In the case of breeding ducks or ducks, it may not be possible to find new problems. Obstacles in raising ducks that you can see to find the answer. Thus the article that can be presented can be useful.

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