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Bligon rabbit in cage

Speaking of rabbits, surely you already know this gentle animal. Yes, it is said to be tame because rabbits are cute mammals. In fact, these animals are not wild and many are kept at home. There are so many types, perhaps for those of you who have read about the types of angora rabbits that have their own characteristics and are safe for children, you will know what breeds you can meet. One of the many types of rabbits that exist, including the Bligon. On this occasion, we are going to talk about the types of Food for Bligon Rabbits.

To avoid feeding the wrong food, review the types of foods rabbits should not eat for good and bad foods. The Bligon rabbit is a type of rabbit that has been described in the article on how to breed Bligon rabbits. This type of rabbit is indeed different from other rabbits, or call it local. Bligon rabbits are widely farmed for their meat, in contrast to local rabbits or other breeds kept as pets. Check the differences between local rabbits and Bligon rabbits to make it easier for you to know what kind of rabbits they are.

Therefore, Bligon rabbits are widely bred for sale because it is a meat rabbit. This means that the bligon is indeed for consumption, the delicious and savory taste of the meat is a popular dish. Not surprisingly, many are sold at a mature age or adult priced at around Rp. 200 thousand, could be more. In fact, when compared to the form of treatment, the price may certainly not be comparable. But you can mate male and female rabbits for more results. At least you have to feed the rabbit correctly and properly.

Don’t let the Bligons get too much food too often and too expensively. Give alternately every day. So what kind of food can be given? You can listen to it below:


Like other rabbits in general, bligons also eat vegetables like kale. You can give this vegetable every day at a different time, for example, if it is given in the morning today, then try giving it the next day in the afternoon. Do not give kale every day and every time, anything in excess is not good and is not recommended.


Give him carrots the same as you give him kale, it’s fine to give it every day as long as the timing isn’t the same. But if you give him carrots, you should cut them into small pieces so that the rabbit has no problem eating them.


Many say that radishes are similar to carrots, yes it is true. However, these two types of vegetables are different. Radish is also a Bligon rabbit food that you can give it. Radishes are no less like carrots, which are rich in water, making it good for the Bligon rabbit’s digestion.


For the process of growing rabbits, you can give him lettuce. These lettuce greens are often found in the market at affordable prices, you can give them to rabbits as growth. Lettuce is a type of vegetable widely consumed by humans, either cooked or raw as a fresh vegetable. It turns out that the Bligon rabbits are also worthy of receiving food in the form of lettuce. It contains many minerals and vitamins that are easily accepted by the rabbit’s body.


Rabbits eat grass too, but don’t ignore it too often. Do not let the rabbit eat grass every day, because it is not good either. Let alone the Bligon rabbit will eat grass on its own when you train it outdoors without you having to intentionally feed it to it.


It can be said that tomatoes are a fruit and can be classified as a vegetable, whatever this type of food can be given to Bligon rabbits. Yes, tomatoes are a type of Bligon rabbit food that is rich in fiber, vitamins, and antioxidants. The benefits of tomato are very good for the health and growth of the rabbit, and they are also able to overcome constipation. It’s just that it can be given twice a week and from time to time, for example, if today is the morning then the afternoon until the evening it will not be given again.


There are many types of grains that are good for rabbit food, starting with sunflower seeds, corn seeds, and walnut seeds. As for how to give grain food to rabbits, it is by grinding them first. The maximum amount of grain given to a rabbit is 200-300 grams per day, no more than that.

Sweet potato

Not only can humans eat sweet potatoes, but it can also be given to rabbits. One type is sweet potato, a type of rabbit food that is healthy and nutritious. Sweet potatoes are rich in calories, fiber, vitamins and minerals. Its role is very good to absorb fat and treat constipation in rabbits.

That’s 8 types of Bligon Rabbit food that you can give him. And here we show you how to breed Bligon rabbits that you can follow correctly to keep the rabbits healthy and active. Good luck and good luck.

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