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8 Ways to Care for Bakalan Sparrows

The sparrow will be one of the types of birds that still exist in the singing world of the archipelago. This bird is small with dominant black, gray and white colors that make this bird look elegant. One of the singularities of this bird is its low and varied song with the characteristic “cuwit” sound that can be repeated repeatedly.

One of the things that most affects the song of this sparrow is during the treatment process. Although this bird is good at singing, at first this bird tends to be shy about doing its voice.

Therefore, if properly cared for, the sparrow will become an active bird, agile and easily provoked to release its unique song. Come on, just take a look at the full discussion of 8 Easy Ways to Care for Bakalan Wren Birds as follows:

  1. Taming

Taming birds is a first step that must be done. The bird you just bought, of course, needs to adapt to the new environment to make it more tame. However, in the process of taming new sparrows, it is not as difficult as taming wild caught birds.

The first step in taming birds is to place them in a convenient place. By setting up a cage or cage in a crowded place, you can help birds adjust more quickly. Also, communicate and play with your bird often so it gets used to your presence. (Also Read: How To Tame The Cucak Ijo Young Forest)

2. Condensation

Benefits of condensation in the bird-care process include cooling the bird’s brain, increasing the bird’s resistance to being excited during the day, and stimulating bird song.

Bird condensation can be done between 05:00 am and 6:00 am when the weather is sunny. Condensation should not be done when it rains because it can make the bird’s body tremble. At the time of condensation, you can give Kroto and 2 hongkong caterpillars in different containers.

3 bathrooms

Making a birdbath will be very good for the condition of the bird. Birds that bathe diligently will have a fresh and awake body because they are protected from diseases and fleas. In addition, the birds will also look bright, clean and with soft plumage.

The bird bathing process can be done after condensation, which can be done by spraying or bathing using a small bath that is inserted into a cage. Bird bathing can be done 2 times a day, every morning and every night. However, if the bird’s condition is not adequate, it is better to temporarily withdraw the bathing activity. (Also read: How to bathe turtles)

4. Drying

Bird drying activities can be done after the birdbath process. This process aims to dry the bird’s feathers. You can do this for 2 hours and then return to a more shady spot. During the drying process, you can prepare the voer and fill the empty drinking water.

5. Food

To feed the Bakalan sparrows in the morning, this can be done by giving 3 EF, like crickets or caterpillars to each. In addition, you can also give Kroto and 1 Hong Kong caterpillar. During the day, you can provide fruits, whole grains, and vegetables. As for the afternoon, you can return hongkong crickets and caterpillars 3 each.

One of the most appropriate ways to care for this bird is that you can give it a multivitamin. This is very helpful in supporting nutrient intake for the goldcrest. The recommended supply of multivitamins is the Ebod Vit multivitamin product which is of good quality and is trusted by bird breeders. (Also read: How caterpillars make food for birds)

6. Mastering

The breeding of the sparrows will be carried out with the aim that the birds sound fast and gacor. Whereas in finished birds, the purpose of mastering is to add variety to the sound of the bird.

Mastering activities can be done in the morning, afternoon, evening or at night. You can do this when the birds are not busy. However, the best time to master activities is in the afternoon or after bathing in the afternoon until morning. The most efficient method used is the kerodong. Of course, making gacor birds takes time, so it takes patience to do it regularly.

7. Cage cleaning

The next method of treatment is to regularly clean the bird’s residence. Dirty cages will make birds uncomfortable and can make them susceptible to disease and fleas. (Also read: How to raise parakeets in small cages)

8. Keep birds away from bullies

It is not impossible for the Wren to be molested, both by humans and other animals. Therefore, you must place the sparrow in a safe place to avoid various nuisance animals such as ants, bats, cats, dogs and other types of insects that can disturb the comfort of the bird. Disturbed sparrows will tend to be reluctant to sing.

The above is knowledge about 8 ways to care for Bakalan sparrows. Constant grooming with patience and making it a routine will surely make your bird not only agile but also smart at singing.

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