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8 Ways to Care for Canaries When They Lay Eggs

The care of canaries is, in fact, something that can be very important for the owner himself. For example, once after the egg laying process, where the male canaries will of course undergo the egg incubation process with the aim of hatching the eggs to become nutty chicks. This is certainly very profitable, whether it is sold or cared for more.

While the incubation process usually occurs around 14 days. To make your treatment period easier, you can provide special notes to monitor the process of laying eggs for incubation. Therefore, it is on the page of the article on 8 ways to care for canaries when they lay eggs. You will find these points here. But in advance it is quite important to know more about nuts when laying eggs.

The canaries undergoing the process of laying eggs until the incubation process by being monitored through evolution records, this is very useful to predict when the canary’s eggs will hatch. With the notes you have made, you will know some things that can happen, such as the eggs cannot hatch because they have exceeded the incubation time limit. (Also read: Benefits of carrots for nuts)

In addition, it can also be due to one of the male canaries being sterile and not producing offspring. The canaries that are incubating their eggs need proper care, the place for the incubation should also be as comfortable as possible, so that the male canaries do not fail in the hatching process due to disturbances during the incubation process. As an owner, don’t you want your canaries to not hatch?

How to take care of a canary when it lays eggs

1. Give the right food

Food is your responsibility and has become a staple food. However, proper nutrition should be considered. The feed you provide correctly will greatly affect the quality of the eggs produced and also the health of the male canaries. Canaries will generally begin to enter the incubation period if they have released 3-4 eggs and this process will occur within 14 days.

It is at this time that the nutrition of the Canarian mother should be considered, an adequate diet such as cereals, vegetables and quail eggs is of great help for the continuity of the reproducers and also of the future piyek. But what you need to remember, if the offspring is often outside the glodok and likes to climb up and down from the cage, it is a sign that the canary lacks enough nutrition. (Also read: Benefits of condensation in the Canary Islands)

two. Keep the cage clean

Another way to care for canaries when they lay eggs is to keep the cage clean regularly, which will largely determine the hatching percentage of potential piyek or canary chicks. So for you, be diligent in cleaning the cage from dirt to prevent the brood from flea diseases. While some things you have to do to keep the cage clean are:

  • Keep the cage condition dry, because a damp cage will invite disease-causing fleas.
  • Do not forget to clean the cage of food debris and dirt. The presence of leftover canary food in the bottom of the cage will invite ants, which can reduce the percentage of hatching eggs and increase the intensity of the kill of male canaries.

3. treat parents well

Some of the points that you should know as the owner of a breeding canary that is incubating are the following: (Also read: How to care for newborn canaries)

  • Avoid giving canaries drinking water in large containers.
  • Set the breeding cage free from predators such as rats, snakes, and cats.
  • Do not place the cage under or directly above the ventilation duct.
  • As long as the broodstock are still in the incubation phase, you should avoid drying them out.

Four. Placement of cages for cattle

Most breeders use daily cages to raise canaries. The daily cage was found to be more practical and versatile, and easy to move. The cages for canaries when they lay eggs should be placed in a quiet place, away from crowds and protected from predators. In addition to that, what must be taken into account during the incubation of the eggs by the canary is not to move the cage too often. This can make the mother canary feel upset and uncomfortable. As a result, the canary will ignore the nest, even the eggs.

Also avoid the habit of keeping other cages containing male nuts that are gacor not far from where the female hatchling is incubating her eggs. Because in many cases, the shrill chirping of the male canary can disperse the concentration of the mother while she is incubating and make her nervous, which could leave the nest, even ruin the nest and throw all the eggs. (Also read: Benefits of Corn in the Canary Islands)

5. Humidity maintenance Cage / Cage

Another important aspect is to maintain the humidity of the cattle pen. For canary eggs to hatch perfectly, a warm temperature and sufficient humidity are needed. Maintain humidity you can do it by placing the tub in the bottom of the cage or cage. Usually, the canary mom will bathe immediately and incubate the eggs even if the fur is still wet. This is done to moisten the hatched eggs.

6. Regular change of food and drink

Be diligent in changing food and drink so that you are always clean and comfortable. So the nuts are also protected from dirt that accumulates from leftover food or drinks that are not regularly replenished. (Also read: Benefits of Honey in the Canary Islands)

7. Make the cage as comfortable as possible.

In the cage, of course, the mother canary is busy with her eggs. Make the cage more comfortable and beautiful. For example, arranging the nest without having to hold the eggs is enough for the canaries to be comfortable when it comes to resting and incubating.

8. Install the curtain

There is nothing wrong if the nut at the time of egg laying closes, providing a curtain in the cage. However, leave room for the wind so that it is not stuffy and do not close with curtains. (Also read: How to treat fungus in canaries)

There are several ways to care for canaries when they lay eggs so that they are in good health and can hatch the eggs properly. I hope it is useful.

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