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8 ways to care for walnuts at Gacor Fast

Speaking of birds, not far from the Canary Islands, which is one of the species that lives in this universe. Of the many types of birds that exist, canaries are no less to be admired for all the song mania.

This bird, like other birds, has beautiful colors attached to its feathers and has the ability to sing. But to be able to whistle, everything has a phase, that is, when it is ripe. In other words, you can’t expect a canary to still be good enough to sing.

If you have a canary or are looking to keep one, there are several things to consider in its care. Because the care of the birds cannot be an oversight, you have to give a good treatment if you want the best quality. Therefore, at the same time, this article will give tips on singing. One of them is how to take care of the nuts so that they can get gacor quickly.

One of the most anticipated by all hobby squeakers must be the loud voice of the bird. In addition to being an intelligent pet, canaries that are good at singing can also be included in the singing competition. Generally, this competition pits the sound of one bird against another, and the most melodious and unique gets a certificate or other prize according to the provisions of the competition determined by each place. (Also read: Benefits of Coconut Water for Canary Islands)

How to care for walnuts at Gacor Fast

1. Adequate food and drink

One thing that cannot be missing is the provision of adequate food, which is to feed the bird regularly or little by little, which is routine. In addition, it is also important to ensure the level of hygiene of the food that you want to give him, that is, to replace it often with new ones. Especially if the food you feed tends to be moist, of course it will easily make it go rancid. You must also always provide drink in the cage and watch if it runs out or gets dirty at any time.

two. Give enough vitamins

Then the next way you can make other canaries gacor fast is by providing additional vitamins. You can buy it at a bird food stall at an affordable price, and its function is to nourish the canary’s body so that it always gets enough nutrition. (Also read: Causes of canaries laying eggs in feed)

3. cage cleaning

Not only in terms of feeding or treating the birds, but the way to make canaries quick and easy is to provide them with a comfortable place. Surely you know that a canary that is being kept must be caged or caged (not wild). Therefore, you have to be able to keep the cage clean so that the canary feels at home and comfortable.

Four. auspicious placement

The place becomes a reference for the canary on its psychic level, if the place where you put the cage and the bird is not very conducive, it will ease stress. You don’t want that to happen, of course, so you have to provide a place that is really comfortable, ie away from the crowds and shady. (Also read: How to keep canary colors good)

5. Bathing and sunbathing

The bath of the canaries must be done every day, it is not necessary to splash water as it is bathed in general, but simply spray water. The bath in canaries can be done once a day or a maximum of twice, morning and afternoon.

For the morning you can start at 8 in the morning, this is the right time to bathe the nuts and then dry them for 15 minutes to obtain vitamin D. While for the afternoon, that is from 3 to 4 in the afternoon. And when you dry it, make sure that the drinking water is kept completely full and always so that the nuts can drink it at any time.

6. replacement

Canaries should also be crammed every morning, when they have started to wake up and move around, then remove the cage in front of the house. Especially in the bushel before being bathed and in the sun, so that the nut does not get bored easily.

7. giving fruits

Provide additional food in the form of fresh fruit for canaries, as this is one of the best and most natural ways that can be given. Why fruit? Because basically all birds like fresh fruits that contain a lot of water, such as papaya, tomatoes, apples, bananas and several others. In addition to being cool and refreshing for the body, the nutritional content in the fruit is very good for the bird’s health and agility. This makes it easier to focus and respond quickly to whistles. (Also read: Benefits of broccoli for the Canary Islands)

8. Mastering

Make pemmasteran to train the canary to gacor quickly. The best time to fast is in the evening, because it is neither too hot nor too cold. The trick is to get close to birds that are already good at singing, or you can use artificial MP3 sounds.

Those are some ways to care for canaries so they win fast that you can follow to make your favorite bird more active in sound. I hope it is useful.

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