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8 ways to get mother cats to nurse their kittens
Cats are one of the most familiar pets. You must often find it anywhere, in the market, the town, the city or the surrounding environment. Although cats are cute animals, in fact not everyone is a cat lover. However, some people really love this animal with all their hearts.

Well, as a cat lover, of course, you want the best for the whole. Have you ever met a mother who did not want to breastfeed her child? He is very dear of course, and you always want to be sweet with the cat, both with the mother and with the child. Seeing this attitude then what can be done? You may need to know how to get a mother cat to nurse her kittens next.

Things that become a way for a mother cat to nurse her kittens will be explained here. So you don’t have to worry about finding the right solution. In fact, sometimes you can never expect to see the behavior of the mother. But it is not without reason that parents leave their children like this. Here are several shapes that you should pay attention to. (Also read: How to prevent a mother cat from moving her kittens)

  1. Avoid touching kittens directly

One of the interesting reasons cats don’t want to nurse their young is human hands. At a very young age, many people suggest that kittens are not touched by humans for the first time. All this with the reason that the seedlings remain natural, not mixed with anything.

The problem is that when a human hand has touched the kitten, the mother will perceive a different odor on her child’s body. The problem that will arise is that the mother does not want to breastfeed her child because she feels alien to the smell. Therefore, you should avoid touching it directly, if necessary you can use a mat to handle it, either a cloth or wear gloves.

  1. don’t give him perfume

In addition to not being touched, do not use perfume from time to time to spray the kitten’s body. There are some people (cat lovers) who want their pet to look different. Anything will be done as a form of treatment. One of them that is often found is by spraying perfume to create a new scent. This is so wrong, so wrong. Why?

Because this case is similar to the first point, when the child creates a new smell, the mother will feel that her child is not her child. So she is not surprised if the mother leaves her child. She tries not to give her anything while she is still at an age where she cannot be weaned. (Also read: How to Treat Itchy Angora Cats)

  1. Health check with new gloves

Wearing gloves, check to see if the kitten is healthy or sick. Of course, the signs will be visible, more flaccid and pale. If so, put him in a cage and take him to the doctor. This goal is to make sure your cat does not get mastitis.

There may also be another reason why cats do not want to nurse their children, namely because the child has mastitis. Mastitis is a symptom that causes the nipples to harden and become rigid. The result will swell and the mother will leave the child.

  1. Help the kitten to find mommy’s nipple

Whether you can see or not, help the kitten find its mother’s nipple. Kittens born with vision problems may have difficulty finding their mother’s milk. It is impossible to predict whether a cat parent can wholeheartedly accept him if he sees his child experiencing physical disabilities.

But this is what often happens, when the parent leaves the child because of a disability such as blindness. Blind kittens will have difficulty finding their mother’s milk. This is very easily felt by the mother and causes the mother to abandon her child. (Also read: Types of eye pain in cats)

  1. There is a genetic problem

Genetic problems can be a trigger for the mother not to breastfeed her child. That may be why the mother did not want to breastfeed her child and abandoned him. Genetic problems that are meant to come from birth, like bodily conditions, are different from others, like thinness, dryness, and weakness.

The solution is to care for the mother while she is nursing so that you can ensure that the puppies that are experiencing these genetic factors are able to get milk rations. At least with your presence, you can always help the kitten.

  1. give vaccinations

Kittens are given vaccinations to ensure their health. But don’t forget to always wear gloves to touch or hold them. Sick kittens are often neglected by their mothers. It is possible because the mother fears that she can be transmitted to other people. There are many examples of cases like this. (Also read: Types of vaccines in cats)

  1. Do not marry at a young age.

There is a procedure in the mating of cats, which must be at least one year old. However, sometimes the carelessness of the owner allows the cat to leave the house and become pregnant. What will happen next is that the mother gives birth at a young age and does not want to breastfeed her child. Well, the way to make the mother want to nurse her child is by mating at a mature age.

  1. Give good nutrition to parents

Having a cat, do not forget to always control the food. Be sure to regularly provide a balanced diet and additional nutrition. A malnourished mother cat will object or be unprepared to nurse her kittens. It may be due to the fact that the mother has not filled herself with food, she does not comply with a balanced diet, which is why her milk does not contain it, and she resists breastfeeding the child. (Also read: How to quickly heal cat wounds)

Loving a cat means that you should take care of it with all your heart. However, cat lovers have never looked at anything about the cat’s breed and condition. Seeing the mother who does not want to nurse her child, she must be alert to provide assistance to the kitten. So, if the mother cat doesn’t want to nurse her child, you can overcome it by giving her another milk.

Here are 8 ways to get a mother cat to nurse her kittens, do what’s best for your cat. Providing the best care is the owner’s obligation. I hope this article is very useful and good luck.

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