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8 ways to get rid of worms in cats
Cats are one of the cutest animals and some people have them. Even out there there are many cats with various characters hanging around. One of the most popular types of cats in Indonesia is the Persian and the Angora as the most common and beautiful options. As for the village cats, also known as local cats, there are actually many wild cats outside, which seem unkempt.

The reason is that not everyone likes cats, especially the local types. No wonder so many are ignoring it. In fact, many cats are sick because they are not cared for, many are injured due to fights with other cats. In more severe cases, the cat is hurt by someone who hates it and considers it a nuisance, so they torture it.

As a result, the cat has red sores, and worms appear. It’s not enough there, even your cat at home can have injuries that can lead to worms if not taken care of. Worms are fly larvae that are difficult to eradicate, and of course also disgusting. For those of you who experience cases like this, of course, you want to find the right solution, how to clean it. (Also read: Tips for having cats at home)

How to get rid of worms in cats are the tips that will be passed on here. There are several things you need to pay attention to in order to get rid of worms in the cat’s body.

  1. Give with Revanol

What is the revival? It is a drug in liquid form that gives a cold sensation when placed on the wound. The first step you should do if you see a cat wound that has maggots is to try cleaning it with revanol. Surely you, as an employer, should not be upset if you want to treat your beloved. But it would be better to consult the experts on the use of revanol in cats.

The method:

Take a cotton swab and put a drop of Revanol on a cotton swab to clean the cat’s injured area. Make sure everything has been exposed to the revanol water. (Also read: Antibiotics for injured cats)

  1. use hot water

Aside from using revanol, the way to get rid of worms in other cats is through other natural steps. As far as it is concerned is to rinse the cat with lukewarm water. Warning, the lukewarm water you are referring to is not hot and try not to be hot. Hot enough to bathe a cat. You just need to pour warm (not hot) water over the cat’s wound.

But if it is easier to take a bath at once, because it is easier to get rid of worms by splashing water. Also, coupled with warm water conditions that will cause the worms to die.

  1. Use of permethrin products

Permethrin is one of the synthetic chemicals that is used as an insecticide, insect repellant, or even lice repellant. In general, this material is widely used to kill mites and lice, this product is sold in liquid (shampoo) and cream form. The perfect solution for those of you who are looking for a way to get rid of worms in the cat’s body. (Also read: How to prevent Toxo virus in cats)

You only need to buy a shampoo-type product, it is easier for you to use by stuffing the cat. Maybe it is related to your own worms that you feel a little uncomfortable, just wear hand bandages, and also keep wearing a mask. Rub the shampoo into the cat’s body and massage gently. It should be noted that permethrin and synthetic pyrethroids can be fatal in cats.

So why are there still tips for getting rid of worms in cats? At least fatal to occur depending on the dose of use. We recommend consulting first before using it on cats.

  1. use bleach

Bleach is already commonly used for household needs. But an interesting fact, bleach can kill worms. The trick is that you can dissolve a dose of bleach in a liter of water. After that, bathe the cat’s body slowly. But just like the previous points, the use of products to whiten clothes should still be supervised or consulted first. (Also read: How to find a lost cat)

  1. Giving Salb

You can get rid of worms in a cat’s body with ointment. You can buy this drug at a special veterinary pharmacy or pet store and convey this complaint to the owner of the pet store. Saleb is a medicine in the form of a cream to treat the wounds of cats, so that when the worms dry they stop nesting in their body.

  1. drug administration

In addition to saleb, other medications that you can use can be ordered directly from the pet store owner. Sometimes, in addition to the ointment, there are other types of liquid medications that are used by spraying them on the cat’s body, especially on the injured part.

  1. Use a saltwater solution

Can you imagine if a wound is given salt? Of course, the answer is bitter. Yes, like this. But salt can kill worms instantly. However, this method can torture the cat because he is in pain. We recommend that if you are fed up with worms, dissolve a teaspoon of salt in a liter of water and pour it over the cat’s wound. But after that, leave it for three minutes and rinse it off with plain water. (Also read: How to treat bad breath in cats naturally)

  1. Use olive oil

Compared to having to use salt, it would be better to spread olive oil on the cat’s wound. This is also quite an effective and effective form of treatment, with regular administration the worms will slowly suffocate to death.

Those are some ways to get rid of worms in cats that you can use to kill worms in cats, hopefully it will come in handy.

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