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8 ways to know the age of a canary from the physical

Canaries are one of many types of songbirds that are often kept as pets by fans and are often found. This bird is the type that has a beautiful melodious voice, plus its feathers also have a very beautiful stunning color. So that’s what makes the attraction and allure its own. Even caring for this canary itself is not too complicated, food is also very easy to come by.

Meanwhile, economically, walnuts can be easily grown. Of course, this will make canaries a source of income, or as a promising additional income. For those of you who really want to breed canaries, there is no harm in starting now. It doesn’t have to be much, just a little one or two tails to practice your beginner poultry skills. Only if you are good at taking care of birds, you can add more periodically.

Although it’s easy to care for, that doesn’t mean you can carelessly feed it or even lay it down. They all have their own procedures to make the bird a quality pet. Especially for the gacor sound that must have been expected. Generally the canaries that are sold in the bird market are ombyokan, here it is very necessary for your foresight as a buyer to see which canaries are good and have a future projection. (Also read: How to care for walnuts at Gacor Fast)

Apart from what is described, another thing that not many people know is the age of the nut. Not everyone is able to recognize it easily if they are not cared for as puppies. This time we tell you how to know the age of a walnut from the physical. Like humans, the higher the resistance and physical changes. Not much like a walnut is what can change with age.

How to know the age of the Canary Islands from the physical

1. Fingers (Check)

First, you can find out the age of the claw nut. The claw or finger of a nut that looks fresh, healthy, shiny and wet is a sign that the nut is still young. Just as aging humans wrinkle, an old walnut can be seen by its wrinkled claws and not very wet or dry. In addition, an old walnut can be seen by the thickening of its scales.

two. Change

How to know the age of the canary from the next external appearance, that is, from the bird’s molt. Molting or molting is a term for the natural loss of feathers in birds. If the molt occurs once a year, it can be said that the canary is still young. Meanwhile, if the canary molts twice a year, it can be called an old bird. (Also read: Benefits of Coconut Water for Canary Islands)

3. See Sewer

It is also possible to know the physical age of the canary, specifically through the cloaca, or sexual form. Especially in the case of adult canaries, which are more than 4 months old, their genitalia are usually larger than those of females and vice versa.

Four. Movement

It can also be seen by the daily movements of the bird, if it is very active, the canary is usually still young. While old walnuts tend to be calmer, even if active, they are not as agile as healthy young walnuts.

5. Appetite

Although the nuts you have are healthy, in terms of age, it also affects your appetite. So a not so enthusiastic appetite is not always that the canary is sick. As far as it goes, healthy walnuts have a normal appetite, but for young walnuts, the appetite can be double that of older ones. (Also read: Benefits of cuttlefish bones for walnuts)

6. beak color

Apart from the five points already mentioned, the other six are from the physical environment. The beak color of an old canary is usually pale, in contrast to a young canary which is lighter and brighter.

7. the tweet

Young canaries, of course, have a fresher and stronger force. The older the canary, the weaker and more defenseless he was when he was young. Likewise for sound, where song performance will decrease for old canaries. His voice is not as strong as a young walnut. On the other hand, young canaries have a stronger voice.

8. body shape

Generally, for an aging canary, its body condition is not as strong as that of a young canary. Although healthy, but if it leads to age, physical decline can not be cheated. For example, the shape of the body that starts small (not thin, malnourished or sick) but more in stature as it ages. Meanwhile, the young walnuts still have a stable, robust and strong body condition. (Also read: How to treat fungus in canaries)

That’s the article that was passed on how to tell the age of a canary from the physique that you can practice yourself when you want to buy a bird or maybe see a friend’s canary and so on. I hope it is useful.

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