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8 Ways To Make Flowerhorn Fish Not CowardlyThere are many types of ornamental fish that can be kept. In addition to the discus fish, another type is the flower horn. You must be familiar with these fish yourself.

Flowerhorn is a type of ornamental fish popular in aquariums for its vibrant scale color and characteristically shaped bulge on its head that is nicknamed the “dark bulge.”

However, that does not mean that all flowerhorn fish can only live in aquariums, in artificial ponds they can. But in fact it is more difficult than in the aquarium.

Even if you want to keep it in the pond, of course, free time is needed to pay attention to it often so that it does not die easily.

Their original habitat is in Malaysia and Taiwan, but for now many are kept by fish enthusiasts around the world, including in Indonesia itself. There are so many myths and unique facts about this type of species that it is believed that the lohan fish in geomenation is a sign of luck or hockey bearer.

It is no wonder that the Flowerhorn ornamental fish is very popular with people, especially Malaysians and Taiwanese.

At first, this fish was also nicknamed “warship” and there are only two types, namely flower horn and gold base. Derived from these two types, other more interesting types eventually emerged.

Types of flowerhorn fish include chinwa, free head, classic, cencu, golden best to fly marking. Furthermore, there are still other varieties that have emerged as well. (Also Read: How To Make Flowerhorn Fish Grow Fast)

Like other fish, the flowerhorn is also fearful of humans and water partners. On this occasion you will be invited to read about how to make the Flowerhorn Fish not cowardly.

Because this is very important for those of you who want to keep and see the fish in peace.

Making the fish not cowardly depends on yourself how to treat it. Although he is a fish, the flowerhorn understands the way humans treat him.

How to make flowerhorn fish fearless

  1. water cleaning

If your flower horn lives in an aquarium, don’t because it is made of glass, then you feel it is hygienic, but as you know, the flower horn can also remove dirt.

So the result is that water that is not replaced often turns cloudy. Its effect on flowerhorn fish is a feeling of discomfort, so when approached by humans it does not feel calm. (Also Read: How To Grow White Snapper In Ponds)

  1. routine feeding

Fish also need to be trained slowly, and getting close to them is very easy. You just need to feed it. It doesn’t take much, just a little as long as it is frequent will make the fish adapt easily to you.

Although perhaps you yourself feel that it is somewhat strange that fish are able to recognize humans as domestic pets such as cats for example. But that’s the reality, so you should give it a try.

  1. water capacity

A lot and a little water, of course, depends on the size and number of fish in the aquarium. Increasingly it is not a problem, because water is the world. But if it is a little, this is what will torture the flowerhorn.

The ability of the water turned out to be able to make the flowerhorn feel fear. Because the lack of water makes them feel that humans will easily catch it. So what they do is confusion and running around out of fear.

Therefore, make sure that the capacity gives it. Your aquarium already contains enough. (Also read: Types of freshwater ornamental fish)

  1. Ensure a quiet environment

The next way is to make sure the environment is quiet, not noisy. Place your aquarium in a common room, for example the living room.

There may be only ordinary sound, but if you put it in the room, usually the room becomes a nest of laughter and games. It’s also best when you don’t want to approach the flower horn loudly.

  1. Tranquility of the Water

Calm water will make the flower horn relax. If in a calm state fish can look beautiful, why should you stir the water?

It is better not to scrape the water with your hand because rippled water makes the flower horn feel scared. So they are not calm and do not look beautiful.

  1. Water heater

Install a water heater to maintain a stable temperature in the aquarium water. The recommended temperature is between 28 and 31 degrees Celsius.

In general, in warm conditions, the flower horns will move more actively and increase their appetite. So that the more agile the flowerhorn, the more daring. (Also read: How to remove color from discus fish)

  1. water acidity

Fearful louhan is actually because the fish is uncomfortable. What bothers them is also the acidity of the water.

Be sure to always check the pH of the water, not too much and not too little. You can give it ketapan leaf soaking water in the aquarium to prevent the fish from getting stressed and afraid.

  1. Gift a Thumbnail

The miniatures that can be given are in the form of plastic plants, gardens and various plants made of plastic as is known in aquariums in general. This is so that the flower horn feels like it is really in the sea. (Also read: How to make cassava fermentation for fish feed)

This is how to make the Flowerhorn Fish not cowardly, by these 8 ways you can start applying it now. When the fish are calm and not afraid, the flowerhorn can be closer to humans. I hope it is useful.

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