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8 ways to make organic fertilizer from fish

The importance of fertilizers for plants is often ignored, except for those who really work in the field of plants or who really care about their growth. For some people who just like to spend their free time planting, fertilizer can be the umpteenth number. But in fact, the crop that really needs to be fertilized is a field of rice, corn, or a large area of ‚Äč‚Äčland. Because without fertilizer, of course, the quality will deteriorate and the farmers will lose money. Therefore, you must be diligent in providing the correct type of organic fertilizer.

Organic fertilizers are fertilizers that are made up of living beings, for example, such as the remains of plants and/or animals from the weather for humans. Judging from the type, organic fertilizer can be formed into both liquid and solid which serve to improve the physical, chemical and biological properties of the soil. Organic fertilizers also contain more organic matter compared to nutrient levels. While the source of organic material itself can be in the form of compost, green manure, drum fertilizer. (Also Read: Benefits of Urea Fertilizer for Catfish)

You can make your own fertilizer at home, one of the materials can use fish. You have to see how to make organic fertilizer from fish to fully understand the procedure for making and managing it. This will be broadcast at the following points:

8 ways to make organic fertilizer from fish

1. fish broth

One of the most important things in composting fish is of course the basic material, ie the fish itself. Actually, to make this fertilizer you don’t need to look for good or quality fish species, it will reduce expensive costs. It is better to buy the usual and cheapest type of fish, whatever it is. But normally what is used for composting is trash, but it all depends on you.

2. Water supply

After the fish, there are still many other preparations in the way of making compost from the following fish, one of which is the water supply. Because this supply is so important and absolutely necessary. If for 5 kg of fish you need 10 liters of water. (Also read: How to be a successful herd)

3. rotten tomato broth

Also provide rotten tomatoes as a mix later, they do not need to be fresh and still good, tomatoes, under any circumstances, can still be used correctly in the process of making the next fertilizer.

4. Sugar supply

Sugar is needed in this process, and you have to prepare it. The sugar needed is the type of palm sugar or palm sugar and the total depends on the number of fish. For 5 kg of fish you need 250 grams of sugar. (Also read: How to grow silkworms in an aquarium)

5. Team Preparation

When making fertilizer, of course you need the means or the tools. Here what is needed is:

  • Pot or saucepan with a capacity of 20 liters
  • Drums with a capacity of 5 liters up to 4 pieces

6. Manufacturing Process

Once all the materials and equipment are available, the next step is to start the process with the following steps:

  • First, wash the fish and let it boil until it boils, then add the fish and let it cook until half cooked. Remove and drain first until cool, then press the fish. Don’t forget to pack the water with the cooking water.
  • After the fish is completely cool, strain it through a soft, thin cloth and measure the pH. First, neutralize the pH by adding grated rotten tomatoes that have been filtered to a neutral pH.
  • Add up to 250 grams of sugar to the solution and stir until the sugar is all melted/dissolved. Please provide a clean jerrycan and make sure there are no chemicals as a place for the solution and close it tightly.
  • Store it in the refrigerator and make sure the temperature is between 16-18 degrees centigrade or keep it in a cool place and avoid exposure to sunlight. Ferment for 12-15 days.
  • If the process has been carried out correctly, the aroma will have a unique and natural smell, not fishy or bad.

7. Application

Once you have succeeded in making organic fish-based fertilizer, the next step is to learn the procedure for applying the fertilizer. The method is as follows:

  • If for plants: Use or take 2-4 cc of POC solution in 1 liter of water, spray or mist on plants and repeat 7-10 days regularly.
  • For ruminants: Use 2 cc of POC in 1 liter of water and then drink it for your livestock, ie cows, goats, buffalo and the like.
  • If it is for aquarium fish: Take 5-10 cc of POC in 1 m3 of water or 1000 liters.

8. Storage

Fertilizer that has been made can still be stored, and how to store it should also be considered. Not just anywhere you can put it. Make sure the temperature in the storage area is not too humid because mold will easily grow. Meanwhile, temperatures that are too high are also not good because they can damage all the substances that can fertilize plants. (Also Read: How To Get Rid Of Smell In Duck Cage)

Without being good at managing your own finances, it will be easy to waste it. Similarly, fertilizer, if you can make your own, why should you buy it? Although you can use any type of fish. This is how Organic Fertilizer is made from Fish, hopefully it will be useful.

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