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Cats, of course, are no longer new and almost everyone in this world knows about these cute mustachioed animals. Cats are one of the most common mammals and are often used as pets in the home. Many articles about cats have been submitted before, including the type of exotic shorthair cat that explains characteristics, characteristics, even care, feeding and price. In fact, many interesting types of cats, in terms of breed and price, are different. There is even a variant of the most expensive cat in the world that you should know about.

However, it is not easy to take care of a cat, especially with beautiful breeds such as Angora, Persian, Spinx, Maincoon and all kinds. Unlike the case of domestic cats that can be easier to care for. Some of the things you need to consider again are how to care for cat hair and the causes of bald cat hair.

Well, not to mention where are the moments when you are facing a stressed cat. One of the meanings here is how to deal with cat stress due to travel. As for why cats have trouble traveling, it’s usually because you buy them somewhere a bit far from home. So he forces him to accompany him on his journey. Whether we like it or not, problems like the one we face will also occur, considering the habitat of cats that are rarely involved in travel.

How to deal with the stress of cats due to travel is one of the most sought after and questioned. This is because many are confused about how to deal with it. This is what you can see:

1. Break

When you have arrived and see that the cat is stressed by the trip, let it rest. Give him time to calm down, without discomfort. Because when cats feel stressed they need calm and enough rest.

two. Give a comfortable place

Do not forget to also provide a comfortable place, because the cat’s state of stress requires a stimulus that is really capable of conquering it. Sometimes a stressed cat doesn’t want to be approached and has difficulty performing activities. Therefore, because after the trip, he must rest, then provide a comfortable bed. Here’s how to make your cat comfortable in a cage that he can apply.

3. pet him often

Don’t do it because the cat is stressed and then you ignore it and leave it. In fact, at times like this, cats need calm, but that doesn’t mean they don’t need attention. Precisely the love of the boss helped a lot in the healing process. So, from time to time, pet him and show him the shape of your affection for him.

Four. take him to the doctor

An effective way to deal with a stressed cat is to take him to the doctor. This is an easy step for you to provide the proper treatment. Doctors know best what to do and what to give. In addition, you will also get the best suggestions from him. The doctor may also give you a shot to deal with stress.

5. give vitamins

Well, there’s something else you need to know here, which is to give him vitamins. Stressed cats really do need intensive care and handling because if they are ignored they can refuse to eat and eventually die. You can purchase these vitamins at a pet store by checking your cat’s actual condition. There are several types of vitamins that can be given, from vitamins for sick cats, vitamins for cats to increase appetite, to vitamins for pregnant cats.

6. give milk

Put milk nearby, even if the cat is stressed, it is difficult to eat and drink, but when you leave it alone, it will also drink milk. Why milk? Because by giving it in the form of water, the cat will feel thirsty more often, and milk can be an obstacle in the stomach because its appetite begins to decrease.

7. give favorite food

Although everything that the cat smells of fish wants, this animal also has a favorite food. Put the cat’s favorite food next to it, mainly tuna sold in pet stores or supermarkets.

8. don’t take it off first

While you wait for the cat’s condition to recover, do not take the cat, even if only in your home environment. Let him heal and rest in the place you have prepared.

So the above eight points can be applied when the cat is in an unstable condition. An example is the stress of travel, since cats are not animals used to long trips. Therefore, if you have a cat, you should not always take it away from the house, which will lead to a long journey as the owner.

What you need to be aware of is that a stressed cat can be fatal if ignored. The handling must be very good, and the correct steps so that it does not turn and in the end die. The signs of a stressed cat are the following:

  • a lot of silence
  • His eyes are sad and worried.
  • Fear of humans, even the employer.
  • Walk away when approached
  • I don’t want to eat and drink

Hence the discussion about how to deal with a stressed cat that can be applied to the owner, so that his health is properly maintained. I hope it is useful.

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