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8 Ways to Overcome Needle Fleas on Ornamental Fish

Needle lice or also known as anchor lice are large parasites that sometimes seem to attack your pet ornamental fish. Well, perhaps you are one of those who has ornamental fish and is attacked by this parasite.

This parasite is called a needle tick because its body shape is similar to a needle attached to a fish. It is also known as the anchor tick because this parasite uses an anchor-shaped hook on its head to attach itself to the body of the fish. So how to deal with needle lice in ornamental fish?

Ornamental fish that are beginning to be attacked by the needle parasite will show body condition or body with attached needle-like spots. The object will appear slightly brownish gray and will generally be about 6mm long. Fleas or in English called anchor worms are actually crustaceans that attach to the body of the fish to suck blood and eat some of the cells of the fish or the essence of the food in the body of the fish. There are several types of needle lice, but the most common is Lernae cyprinacea.

Whatever the type or type, you just need to understand a few ways to deal with it, as described below:

How to overcome needle lice in ornamental fish

1. Pay attention to the first symptoms

Ornamental fish that have been attacked by fungal lice will display strange and unusual behavior. In general, your pet fish will often rub its body against the walls of the tank and against rocks at the bottom of the tank. Therefore, pay attention to its body, of course you will notice that there is some kind of needle-shaped object attached to the dorsal fin of a companion ornamental fish. (Also read: How to make vitamins for ornamental fish)

two. Recognize needle lice attack

Fleas, which in English are called anchor worms, are actually crustaceans that pretend to become parasites by attaching themselves to the body to suck blood and eating some of the cells of your pet ornamental fish, making it very dangerous and life-threatening. Here’s what to learn if you find that your ornamental fish are not quite as usual.

3. revocation step

The third stage is to remove the lice from the needles with tweezers. This is an easy way to do it and the first thing you should do. However, at the time of extraction, great care must be taken, this is because to protect the skin of the fish. If it is too hard to remove, it can tear the skin of ornamental fish. This is because the web of needle lice disease is hook-shaped and sticks together. (Also read: How to preserve ornamental fish in jars)

Four. Antibiotic Administration

Once you have managed to eliminate needle lice in ornamental fish, immediately administer additional antibiotics, such as those placed in the water of the pond or aquarium where the ornamental fish are kept. You can buy this antibiotic at the nearest fishmonger. The use of these antibiotics is to combat bacterial attacks or all kinds of diseases such as parasites, etc.

5. keep clean

The way to deal with needle lice infecting your other ornamental fish is to maintain cleanliness. Wherever you put or keep your fish, be it in an aquarium or a pond, you need to get used to it and be diligent about cleaning. An example is changing the aquarium water frequently or emptying it.

Similarly with the pool, you must be diligent in draining and replacing the water with newer ones. The condition of a dirty pond or aquarium is not only a nest of diseases, but it will also worsen the impression of ornamental fish. With the condition of a dirty place, the fish will be far from beautiful. (Also Read: How To Grow Ornamental Broom Fish)

6. Maintain sterile condition

To overcome needle lice disease in your next pet ornamental fish, what you need to do is make your pet fish more sterile, the method is as follows.

  • Prepare an empty jar filled with water.
  • Move your ornamental fish from the aquarium/pond to the jar
  • Clean the pool or aquarium as clean as possible
  • Introduce the new water into the aquarium or pond.
  • Add antibiotics.
  • Move the fish in the jar to the aquarium or pond.

7. Give Abate Powder

The abatement powder that is usually used to eradicate mosquito larvae turns out to be able to overcome diseases of ornamental fish, such as needle lice, and the method is quite easy to do. Simply add abate powder to the aquarium where your ornamental fish are placed. However, you must remember that the dosage of abato powder added must match the water capacity of your aquarium. (Also read: Types of cleaning fish for AquaScape)

8. Removing lice from needles by hand

Adult needle lice have a fairly large body size, so they can be seen with the naked eye. Actually, overcoming the attack of adult needle lice disease is quite easy. As for what needs to be done, it is to remove the lice from the body of the ornamental fish directly by hand.

Those are some ways to deal with needle fleas on your ornamental fish so that their health is best maintained as well as their appearance. Good luck.

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