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8 Ways to Overcome Stomach Acid in Dogs
In addition to cats, dogs are also one of the pets that many people have at home.

In fact, there are many types of dogs with all their abilities.

Some are suitable for cute pets at home who can be friends.

However, some of them function as a guard, such as protecting the house from thieves.

Dogs even exist for the operational activities of an agency such as the police, which are often referred to as sniffer dogs. Your job is to help police officers identify fingerprints or traces of trouble.

But in this case, many people have dogs because they are cute and can be friends at home, whether you are alone or crowded. In addition, dogs are animals that are also easy to train, so they can become more intelligent.

As often seen on television screens. Lovers of dogs and cats, your affectionate soul will be seen from here. All pet lovers want the best for their loved ones.

Keeping pets healthy is probably a priority. It’s no wonder there are so many ways to keep your pet looking adorable and healthy.

The case that usually afflicts dogs is heartburn, apparently not only in humans. How to overcome stomach acid in dogs can be seen on this page. (Also read: Tips for keeping a Pom Dog)

Having a dog as a pet will, of course, memorize the characteristics of a pet that has a declining health condition. Well, in cases like this, many people feel restless and look for ways to treat stomach acid in dogs. Here is a series of 8 things you can understand:

  1. Keep the food

The first step if you find a dog sick with stomach acid is to stay away from the food or take the food away.

Because when the dog really feels sick to his stomach, if you continue to feed him, it will cause the stomach and intestines to secrete digestive enzymes.

This enzyme will exacerbate the inflammation and disorders you are experiencing. We recommend that you stop feeding it for a while, about 3-4 hours.

  1. give drinking water

Stopping eating by giving your dog a drink will help during heartburn attacks. Do not give the dog milk because it will worsen the condition. It is best to give him fresh, clean drinking water. But also make sure the container is sterile.

  • If the dog vomits up the water, give him a small amount of water to drink but repeatedly every 30 minutes.
  • For dogs weighing less than 10kg, provide a small cup of water every 30 minutes.
  • If your dog drinks water but does not vomit in 2-3 hours, allow him to drink as much water as he wants.
  1. give soft food

After an interval of 4 hours without feeding him, it is time to give him soft food.

Low-fat foods are easy to digest, such as chicken breast, rabbit, turkey, or cod.

But don’t give chicken-flavored food because it contains very little chicken and is not good enough to replace chicken for the dog. (Also read: Natural remedies for dogs that do not eat)

  1. feed small portions

Feed the dog in small portions, not too much. In this way you can see the state of the dog by evaluating its appetite.

If in small portions you can pass, you can say that the stomach is safe enough and you can add more.

  1. pay more attention

While you are sick, of course you expect the care of those closest to you. The same goes for dogs, which are sometimes just pets but are capable of understanding the language of feelings.

Dogs with acid reflux should receive constant attention and, if possible, more. Invite and bring your dog and treat it with care, because this can be a solution to treat dog stomach acid disease.

  1. give heater

You can do therapy for the dog by providing him with a heater. This therapy can be beneficial for him, especially if the dog appears to be trembling. You can give him a warm bottle wrapped in a towel to warm him up.

But first make sure the dog can walk away from the heater if he feels uncomfortable. Don’t strap a bottle to your dog’s body so he can’t drop it when he’s uncomfortable. (Also read: How to care for a newborn dog)

  1. take him to the doctor

If you still have doubts about the various simple techniques above, or feel that your dog’s condition is still not healthy, you should take your beloved pet to the doctor immediately.

Tell the doctor about the dog’s condition and do not forget to ask what the cause is so that you can anticipate this disease so that it does not occur again in the future.

  1. give supplements

Another way to treat your dog’s stomach acid can also be by providing a nutritional intake, either vitamins or supplements that can be purchased at pet stores. Supplements can be antibodies to the dog’s body and provide immunity. (Also read: How to treat a dog so that it does not smell)

Those are the 8 most effective ways to deal with stomach acid in dogs and you can apply it to each of your pets that is experiencing the pain. I hope it is useful!

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