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8 Ways to Prevent Toxo Virus in CatsYou are a cat lover, of course you don’t want bad things to happen to her.

Therefore, as an employer, always try to find the right solutions and tips for treatment. Cats are cute animals, so it is normal that many like them.

However, how much you love cats you still have to be vigilant.

Because various kinds of diseases can come and attack your body.

One of these diseases is the toxo virus or known as toxoplasma virus.

About this disease will be transmitted on this occasion along with what are the ways to prevent Toxovirus in Cats.

However, not all diseases come from the cat itself. It could be that you brought it in as a result of the attached bacteria.

Whatever it is, paying attention to the health and hygiene of you and your cat is the most important thing. So what is the toxo virus itself?

Toxoplasma or toxovirus is a type of disease caused by the parasitic protozoan or Toxoplasma gondii. This disease usually attacks warm-blooded mammals, like this cat.

But some other animals can also be attacked like dogs, goats, rabbits.

This Toxoplasma gondii parasite will make warm-blooded mammals hosts for reproduction. (Also read: How to get male cats to marry)

Toxoplasma virus-borne transmission is usually through cat feces which contain oocysts (Toxoplasma eggs) and will then be swallowed by our (human) bodies. So are you going to ignore this?

Of course not, that’s why you need to know the various ways to prevent toxo in the following cats so that your pet stays healthy and happy as always:

8 How to prevent Toxo virus in cats

  1. wash hands diligently

The first step you need to do is diligently wash your hands before and after handling the cat. A person will never be able to realize who and where the transmission of the virus occurs. Whether it’s the cat or yours, not everything can be seen clearly.

The virus can stick to you and can also come from a cat. To prevent this from happening, wash your hands regularly. (Also read: How to overcome itching in cats)

  1. Use alcohol gel

On the first point, it may not be enough as a preventive measure against toxovirus.

Therefore, you must take other measures, such as using hand sanitizer to wash your hands.

Hand sanitizer is more hygienic and sterile and can kill germs.

  1. diligently bathe cats

Do not forget to bathe the cat frequently, as this has become something important and your obligation as an employer.

Bathing is a common thing for the cat to look fresh and clean.

In addition to that, everything to clean dirt and prevent the adhesion of bad germs.

Germs or bacteria, as a result of pollution and dust, will settle and create viruses. (Also read: How to overcome skin diseases in cats)

  1. clean cat cage

It is useless if you are diligent in bathing the cat but the cage is still neglected.

For it to be balanced and adequate, do not forget to wash the cage at the same time as the cat bathes.

So that the pseudo is clean and there is no transmission of viruses or bacteria. Spray the cat’s cage with disinfectant for optimal results.

  1. Change the feed frequently

In order not to waste food, you should give the cat enough food, not too much.

Because the way to prevent other toxoviruses is to change food frequently.

Therefore, it will be a pity if you have already given him the food and until he has eaten it, it will be replaced. (Also Read: How To Get Rid Of Oil On Cat Skin)

  1. Clean feeding area

You also have to pay attention to the cat’s food container, do not let it get dirty.

We recommend that once a day you wash the cat food bowl and water bowl.

One more thing you need to pay close attention to, as the food may be dry and can be changed every day.

However, the drink must be replaced every 6 hours or when it runs out even if it is still less than 6 hours.

  1. Antibiotic Administration

The next step in dealing with the toxo virus is to give the cat antibiotics.

You can get it at the Pet Shop and ask in advance for the best breed with the right dose for your cat’s age. Because for each age it is not the same. (Also read: How to Treat Itchy Angora Cats)

  1. Vaccination

Vaccinate cats, because this is aimed at combating attacks of diseases, including the toxoplasma virus.

Vaccinations can be done by consulting a veterinarian for more details.

Taking care of a cat is certainly a complicated thing, but this is the reality of having cute and adorable animals.

The 8 Ways to Prevent Toxo Virus in Old Cats can help you.

So that your beloved cat is minimized from Toxo disease.

Because cats are not guaranteed to be protected because the disease can appear at any time.

Because this virus is quite disturbing. So the summary that can be transmitted, hopefully it will be useful.

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