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8 ways to raise cage-free laying hens that are still effective

Breeding has become one of the most common activities, especially in rural or rural areas. It can be said that 6 out of 10 villagers always farm cattle, either for their free time or as a full-time activity. Of the many animals that can be raised, one of them is the chicken.

Talking about chicken is very familiar, there are two types that can be raised, namely laying hens and broilers. What is your choice in home entrepreneurship? Seen in detail, it is indeed the laying hens that seem the easiest to breed. This is because you only need to raise chickens and provide care for the results of chicken eggs to be sold later.

Eggs are a rich source of protein that is widely consumed, either as a side dish or other necessities. But lately, many have questioned the question of capital in this matter, one of which is the material for the manufacture of subsequent cages. In order to save the budget, an article on how to raise laying hens without a cage but still effective is presented this time. (Also Read: Obstacles in Establishing Chicken Farming Business)

This means that it is no longer impossible to raise cage-free laying hens. Read more below:

How to raise cage-free laying hens

1. Earth

In fact, basically not all chickens have to provide the coop. But that doesn’t mean you don’t need soil at all. In fact, in a livestock or agriculture, the first thing that is needed is land.

Even without a cage you still need a fairly large location or depending on the capacity of the laying hens you are raising. This land will then be for his laying hens to live and adapt to. Because on this occasion what is being talked about is without a cage, so leave the wild chickens like this, but be vigilant and watchful so that the chickens do not leave your environment. (Also read: How to grow village laying hens)

2. Location selection

Actually, for laying hens or all kinds of hens, the selection of the appropriate and strategic place is in a rice paddy. This is to reduce pollution in the environment, so as not to disturb local residents. Surely you understand that raising chickens is not an easy thing, as a breeder, of course, you face all the risks such as cleaning the feces, even the smell. This is what you have to manage so that nobody gets upset. For this reason, one of the suitable locations is the rice fields.

3. Construction of fences

This way of raising laying hens without using a cage does not mean that you are free to let the hens roam. However, here you have to prepare the proper arena, i.e. by making a large fence with a roof. This means that this is not a general cage for laying hens, but a home-style construction, but only a plot (only a box) with large walls, a roof and doors, that is, without partitions. (Also read: How to Grow Organic Layers)

4. Selection of parents

Choose the type of quality breeders, that is, determining the health of the chicken. Before you buy, make sure the chickens are disease-free. It is noted for its agility and appetite. A healthy father will determine the quality of the eggs later.

5. Food

Don’t forget that on a farm, feed is a definite component that must be run. The feeding of laying hens must be nutritionally balanced, regular and punctual. (Also read: How to make probiotics for layers)

6. Give probiotics

Although not native chicken as it should be, probiotics can still be given for raising chickens. You can provide the nutrients of these probiotics that are given a maximum of twice a week and at least once a week, do not overdo it and do not let it be lacking.

7. Vaccinations

Vaccinate your laying hens. This goal is definitely to prevent all kinds of diseases that attack. Do it at least twice a month. (Also read: How to care for laying hens in the rainy season)

8. The crowd

Make a place for the hen to lay eggs, i.e. cardboard boxes which are given straw, or red brick partitions which are given straw. The purpose is that the hen can occupy herself when she is about to lay eggs.

If you have done the above eight methods of breeding layers without a cage, then the next one is just waiting for the results. Harvesting can be done when the hens have started to lay eggs. Look for eggs that are good and look fresh, separate them from the bad ones. Chicken farming is very profitable, but enough capital is needed to start this business, including funds for the purchase of broodstock, a suitable location, and enough land for all capacities.

After the harvest period, you can market it in stores and you can feel the benefits. That is an easy and effective way to raise cage branded laying hens, hope it is helpful.

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