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8 Ways to Regulate the Diet of Lovebirds to Ring Diligently

Not everyone has a pet, but most people certainly do. Whether in the form of large animals like cows, buffalo or goats to chickens or small animals like birds.

Speaking of the birds themselves, this bird is already familiar. You find it every day, both in nature and in people’s pets at home. Depending on the type, the birds have many varieties, such as the most popular and common, namely the lovebird. If you don’t get it or don’t get it, just call it lovebirds.

In addition to being beautiful, many love birds are cared for because they can be gacor. Of course, this way can be an investment for all of you breeders, because you can grow them and sell them when they grow up and have a voice. Adjust your lovebird’s diet so that it can gacor loudly, this is a component of keeping birds. How to adjust the lovebird’s diet to sound diligent will be the topic this time, which will help you make the bird’s business trip easier.

Having a lovebird that is diligent and good at singing can certainly attract many people to be interested in seeing it and then want to have it. This is where your advantage is where you can sell at a relatively expensive price depending on the market. But, more precisely, it is not only the time that sets the tone for the bird’s feeding, but also the type of feed that is given. Here’s how to adjust your diet to be diligent in sound. (Also read: Causes of food waste in lovebirds)

How to Set a Lovebird’s Diet to Ring Dutifully


One way to adjust the diet of lovebirds so that they are diligent in sound is to give them a mileta. You can buy this feed at the nearest bird food stalls at affordable prices. This feed is given every day as a staple food, but only in the morning.

walnut kernels

Birdseed can also be given to lovebirds, as it is mixed with millet. However, some lovebirds will generally be picky eaters and won’t like to eat canary seed without you getting used to it first. Therefore you have to give it along with millet during the day or eat both birds. Increase the content of the milet for the first time, then slowly multiply the walnut seeds until the lovebird is really used to eating the walnut seeds. (Also Read: Lovebird Signs Already Paired)


Also, the way to adjust the diet so that the lovebird is active to ring is to give it oat seeds. This food can also be known as oatmeal, which is also useful for humans. You can give oat seeds alternately with other feed, for example alternating with nuts. But first get your bird used to being able to eat nuts.


Barley is very good to feed the lovebirds you raise, as it contains protein and contains a lot of lime, which is very useful for the formation of eggs. Also, if you give it to it on a regular basis, it can help the bird make its chirp. Feed barley in the afternoon, or feed all three birds. (Also read: How to know the age of a lovebird)


In addition, it is no longer the main food of the lovebird, but an additional food that you should also pay attention to. Taking care of a regular diet for lovebirds, includes regular supplemental feeding. There are many types that you can give, one of which is kale. This vegetable is very well given for the growth of the shell of the lovebird. On the other hand, kale has many benefits to launch lovebird chatter.

Sweet corn

As humans, if they match the type of food, of course they are happy. This also applies to lovebirds who will be happy if you add sweet corn as an additional food. It’s not that lovebirds in general are very fond of corn, but the fresh, sweet taste that can attract the bird and encourage it to be an active gacor. But the best time to give sweet corn is not every day, but twice a week is enough. This is because you have to alternate with other types of feed. (Also read: Signs of an incubating lovebird)

to wash

Kuaci, do you know this food? Of course, because this food is very familiar. You can even find it in supermarkets with various brand names. As well as being suitable as a human snack, kuaci or other sunflower seeds can be an additional food for the bird. The right time to give is twice a week the same as you give sweet corn.


There are many types of fruits that you can give to lovebirds, such as apples, bananas, papayas, and many others. This, in addition to being fresh, nourishes the lovebird and helps it grow faster. The fruit is given three to four times a week. (Also read: Signs of Lovebird Eggs Not Hatching)

This is how to adjust the Lovebird’s diet so that the sounds that have been passed on are diligent, hopefully it will be helpful.

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