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8 ways to stop mother cats from moving their kittens

Having a cat at home that is deliberately cared for will be more fun than having a cat at home with no intention of caring for it.

But for cat lovers, both are the same because they will always give you the same treatment.

Most of the cats that people choose to have are furry breeds like the Angora and the Persian.

It’s different with cat lovers who will choose any type because basically they like cats, not various types of cats. This must be considered and distinguished.

When your beloved cat gives birth, the cat may still be in the position you have provided.

But did you know that cats are animals that often move their children, as people say, they usually move them up to seven times? If this happens unknowingly, you will surely be shocked and shocked.

Not to mention when you search anywhere you can’t find it. This page outlines 8 ways to prevent a mother cat from moving her kittens.

For those of you who like to adopt stray or village cats, you must have often seen a female cat biting her newborn child. It turned out to be a way to move his son from one place to another.

The mother cat will do this repeatedly or commonly said if the cat moves her kittens 7 times. This method is done by the mother cat just to find a comfortable and safe place. (Also read: The effects of castration on cats)

The reason is that there are many other predators or feral cats that threaten the lives of newborn kittens. After the mother cat has found a safe place, the mother cat will leave her kittens to find food.

Mother cats who often move their kittens, of course, cause serious problems. Because the kitten is still too weak and it can certainly result in death. Therefore, those of you who have cats at home should prevent this.

How to get a cat to stop moving her kittens

  1. Prepare a comfortable and bright place

You should know that humans are not the only ones who need a comfortable and bright place. Cats as animals also have the same taste, they can distinguish between comfortable places and not.

One of the reasons a cat moves her kittens is that the kitten is in an uncomfortable or dimly lit area.

This makes the kitten feel disturbed in its rest. For the mother cat to take her son to move. (Also read: How to know the age of a cat)

  1. A place away from humans

This is one of the ways many people who love cats underestimate the most. Places that are easily accessible to humans also make kitties uncomfortable. Especially if there is a lot of activity and the kitten believes there is a threat from other predators.

  1. stable temperature

This is usually very easy to happen when the cat gives birth outdoors in changeable weather. An unstable temperature will make the kitten sick easily, so the mother cat will move her kitten to a place she thinks has a more suitable temperature for her to live in.

  1. Quiet atmosphere

The noisy environment turns out to be one of the causes that mother cats move their kittens. Because this will disturb the sleeping kitten. Loud noises can stress and make a kitten sick.

Therefore, be sure to provide a quiet or noisy place for the mother cat and her kittens. (Also read: How to care for a 1-month-old cat without a mom)

  1. Place the cage or bed

Kittens that are in a stable temperature, which is neither too hot nor too cold. Provide a cage or bed with a balanced temperature so the kitten doesn’t get sick easily. When the kitten is comfortable and happy, the mother will not move it again.

  1. Create a hidden place

Mother cats prefer to take their kittens to a hidden place and not exposed to direct sunlight. Do not disturb her presence for 2 weeks after the kitten is born. (Also read: How to care for a 2-week-old cat)

  1. Carton box

Prepare cardboard for the kitten’s temporary shelter. The cardboard box in question is one that has had the roof cut off and the edges left about two centimeters from the palm of an adult’s hand and covered with cloth.

With this protection from various sides, you can make the kitten more secure against various types of predator attacks.

  1. prepare food

The mother cat’s way of keeping her kittens from moving is by providing them with adequate food. For example, salted eggs, the preferred food for cats.

By creating a new place, the mother cat will feel that the place is safe from other predators.

Therefore, it will not cause the mother cat to keep moving her kittens. Hopefully it will be useful for those of you who have a village cat. (Also read: How to beat a fearful cat)

The following guide on 8 ways to prevent the mother cat from moving her kittens may be enough to help you in dealing with female cats that tend to move their kittens, thus the life of the kitten may be more dangerous because the mother does not know if your new place is safe or not. Good luck!

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