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9 Benefits of Honey in the Canary Islands
Honey is a form of animal waste, namely bees. Why is it called dirt? Because honey is a form of bee urine, it has a sweet taste and various properties. Honey has many benefits, both for humans and for the health of other animals. One of them is the benefits of Honey in the Canary Islands that you should know. So it is not easy for you to underestimate the use of honey in your livestock canaries, because there will be many visible benefits.

Well, while the canary itself is a type of songbird that is very familiar. For most people, they are familiar with this type of bird. However, at least there are still people who do not understand. It should be noted that the sale or purchase price of walnuts is very affordable. But when the canary has become good at the gacor, the income from selling the bird is quite a lot. Especially if the canary has repeatedly won competitions or contests.

If you intend to keep canaries, do what is best for your birds. Give honey to improve the quality of your canary, because some of the benefits of honey in canaries can be found below:

  1. maintain resistance

Canaries that have been given honey as additional food are very good at maintaining the stamina of the birds so that they stay strong and do not limp easily, especially the day before the competition. This can happen because honey contains three types of sugar namely fluctose, glucose and sucrose. Canaries need all of these ingredients to increase stamina and strength so they can sing better and louder. The nature of fructose, which is easily absorbed by the body, will quickly restore the bird’s resistance. (Also read: Types of Canary Diseases)

  1. Solve respiratory problems

Canaries that are experiencing respiratory problems, for example, such as shortness of breath due to the weather and poor circulation in the cage, not wanting to sing, hoarseness and other respiratory ailments can also be treated with honey. But avoid giving honey to birds that have difficulty breathing by holding the bird’s chest. Because it will exacerbate the shortness of breath experienced. For the maximum dose you can give birds, that is only 1/4 tablespoon and not too much.

  1. As an endurance enhancer

There is no need to repeat that it is better to give honey to canaries to increase their resistance, especially during extreme weather changes because it contains many important nutrients and important antioxidants to boost the immune system of birds. So in this way it is not easy for birds to contract diseases caused by viruses, germs or bacteria such as how to treat snot in lovebirds. In addition, the nutritional content of honey can also increase the bird’s body temperature in cold weather. (Also read: How to get rid of fat in obese canaries)

  1. Improve sound quality

Birds that sing or chatter like nuts also need foods that contain sugar, and one of them that can be obtained is from honey as for how to treat lovebirds to make long geeks. The benefit is to embellish the sound of singing, because the sugar contained in the honey will make the birds sing more actively, also known as gacor, compared to birds that do not consume sugar, and their voices sound louder and louder.

  1. relieves depression

Not only humans can experience depression, but also birds. Birds are a type of animal that is very easy to experience stress if care is not good or poor. The stress that occurs in birds is usually too long and will make the birds lazy to sing until finally they feel weak and out of energy and cause various disease problems. (Also read: Tips for growing canaries)

  1. healing wounds

All types of birds, including canaries, need honey because it contains enough vitamin C. In fact, this vitamin C is capable of producing itself in the bird’s body, but the addition of this honey as an additional food is also highly recommended. to restore tissue damage, such as open wounds on the paws or other parts of the body. The way to treat a canary with honey if it is injured is to give it honey to drink.

  1. Like the growth of the chicks

It is also highly recommended to give honey to chicks because it is very useful. This is because honey contains riboflavin or vitamin B2 which is very good for the growth of the chicks, especially to help in the ngurak or molting process and also to maintain the general health of the body. Furthermore, honey is also very useful in improving egg production problems in adult canaries so that hatchability and embryonic growth can be more optimal. (Also Read: Tips for Choosing Nuts in the Ombyokan Cage)

  1. Prevent skin diseases

There are still many benefits or efficacy of honey, one of which is the prevention of skin diseases. Honey contains pantothenic acid, which is also needed by birds to treat dermatitis or skin inflammation and at the same time prevent perosis symptoms, such as canary disease, which often occur. In addition to preventing skin diseases, the content of honey is also very effective in preventing rough and brittle hair.

  1. overcome bone disease

Another use of honey in canaries is to prevent various bone diseases such as swollen joints, crooked legs, lameness and paralyzed legs since honey contains niacin in the form of canary maintenance and other types. In fact, not only that, the niacin content in honey is also very effective in overcoming inflammation of the mouth and curing birds that often have diarrhea and diarrhoea. (Also read: How to breed canaries with hanging cages)

Therefore, 9 benefits of honey in the Canary Islands that you should know, I hope this article will be very helpful.

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